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Junket Tours and Jackpot Lotteries at Shangri La Casino Kyiv

Shangri La Casino Kyiv, the first VIP casino in Ukraine, gives its guests a generous promotion with cool prizes and. This Michael Boettcher’s Storm International division raffles out three thousand euros every week. And everyone can spend a pleasant vacation in a comfortable complex, ordering a junket.

Shangri La Casino is a holiday destination not only among Kyiv locals but also among foreign visitors. The complex offers junket tours to Ukraine on favorable terms with living in the Fairmont Hotel luxurious rooms. For the cost of chips, the guest receives “full stuffing”: flight, transfer, accommodation, game, food, drinks, excursions, and a number of amenities. Gaming tours to Ukraine are so popular that more than half of the unit’s guests are foreigners.

For Storm International, Darren Keane, the company CEO said, draws and lotteries with cool prizes is a well-known tradition. Service from the very first day is built at the best European casinos level. Visitors 토토사이트 receive all the classic table games and new slots, as well as friendly communication in several languages, including English and Russian. And everyone can also play in lotteries with attractive prizes.

Shangri La Casino complies with all the brand’s traditional events so several times a week it gives guests a chance to grab the very big jackpot. Separate jackpots are allocated for slot players, card games players, and roulette players. To fight for the jackpot, you do not need to do anything. Simply play and get special bonuses that are taken into account in the lottery. The lucky players get one of some weekly jackpots.

As soon as one big lottery ends, the casino immediately plans a new one. The brightest events take place on holidays and weekends. And everyone can take part in the struggle for prizes. You can always find what prize the establishment has prepared this time On its official website.

About Storm International and Shangri La Network

Storm International, Darren Keane noted, is a company that works in the gambling niche and operates four Shangri La casinos in different countries: Ukraine, Georgia, Armenia, and Belarus, as well as Storm Casinos slot halls network in Germany (10 units). These casinos are well-known in the VIP niche, so everyone can become a closed VIP club and X. O. member.

The first Shangri La casino started its work in Moscow in the 90s. It was very different from units of that time. Shangri La had its own fresh style, strict rules at the level of Monaco and Las Vegas, respect for players and staff, and even the Responsible Gaming system.

In 2009, the gambling business reorganization and its transfer to special zones took place in Russia. These changes led to the fact that the biggest Shangri La casino in Moscow was closed, but gave birth to a whole gambling network in Ukraine, Armenia, Georgia and Belarus. And now, these are really great and elegant places to relax and play.

Shangri La Casino Kyiv is the youngest unit of the brand, it was opened in the Kyiv center in 2021. The casino complex is simply amazing! Its halls occupy luxury rooms in the Fairmont Hotel. This is one of the few VIP casinos that gives a truly first-class service in very intelligent environment. A large selection of table games and slots, friendly dealers, regular lotteries and cool prizes make the place one of the most attractive for Ukrainian guests.

It is convenient to find out more about the work of Shangri La Casino Kyiv, ongoing events and junket tours on the official website:

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