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Kristine Debell biography


In this article, we will discuss Kristine Debell mean her whole biography. For example, where Kristine Debell was born, her profession, siblings, family, etc. Therefore if you like Kristine Debell, and want to know her biography, you must read the whole extraordinary article till the end. So without wasting your let’s start a discussion about Kristine Debell.

Mini introduction of Kristine Debell Actress

She was born in Chatham, New York. DeBell starts her career as a fashion model with Ford Models. She later turns this act into acting, at the age of 22, debuting as the star of an X-rated movies version of Alice”s Adventures in Wonderland. She was on; the April 1976 cover of Playboy, a photo taken by Suze Randall.

Kristine Debell bio

Kristine Debell was raised on a small self-sufficient farm located; in upstate New York. She took ballet and studied voice as a young girl. At 14, she started modeling for Macy’s. Since her freshman; year of high school, in the musical The Sound of Music, Kristine auditioned for and triumphed the part of Marta.

In DeBell’s hometown, the following summer, the now-famous Mac-Haydn Theatre opened, featuring The Sound of Music as the last show of its season show. Kristine auditioned for the role of Marta again; however, producers judged her voice was too mature and cast her as the puckish postulant. Eventually, this was the birth of a fertile four-performance season with The Mac-Haydn Theatre.

A year at Berkeley College studying Fashion Merchandising, Kristine began modeling; for Ford Models in NYC after graduation from high school. She after shifted into acting and; is comprehended for starring in an X-rated film version of Alice in Wonderland place.

She was on the April 1976 shroud of Playboy, photographed by Suze Randall, and pops up in the Helmut Newton pictorial, 200 Motels, or How I Disbursed My Summer Vacation in August 1976, from which 11 original shots were peddled in 2002 at auctions of Playboy libraries by Butterfields for $21,075 and three by Christie’s for $26,290 in December 2003.

Kristian Debell was born in Chatham, a city of New York, DeBell began her profession as a fashion model with Ford Norms. She was later locomoted into acting, debuting as; the star of the 1976 hardcore musical comedy movie at the age of 22, Alice in Wonderland.

She was cover of Playboy in April 1976, photographed by Suze Randall. She knew in Playboy’s classic August 1976 Helmut Newton pictorial 200 Motels, or How I Paid My Summer Vacation from which 11 original treads were hawked in 2002, at auctions of the Playboy archives by Butterfields for $21,075 and three by Christie’s for $26,290 in December 2003.

Subsequently, she rolled to mainstream movies and television. Her most prominent movie roles included playing A.L., a camp counselor, alongside Bill Murray in the comedy film, Meatballs; and in Battle Creek Brawl, Jackie Chan’s girlfriend.

Through the early 1980s, she emerged in several television chiefs and individual episodes of various television series. In 2012, she returned to acting, appearing in several direct-to-video displays.

Kristine Debell movies and tv shows

She conducts a diverse role in various dramas. Moreover, her drama names are pointed out beyond, with a year of drama for your easiness. Which are the following. Kristine Debell also plays a chanting role in the movies. Afterward, her movie name with the year is described below for your easiness.


  1. Alice in Wonderland-1976Rooster: Spurs of Death! -1977
  2. I Wanna Hold Your Hand-1978
  3. Bloodbrothers-1978
  4. The Main Event-1989
  5. Meatballs-1989
  6. The Great American Girl Robbery-1989
  7. Willie & Phil-1980
  8. The Big Brawl-1980
  9. Lifepod-1981
  10. Tag: The Assassination Game-1982
  11. Club Life-1986
  12. American Confidential-1990
  13. 1313: Night of the Widow-2012
  14. Southern discomfort-2012
  15. Beyond Sunset and Sunrise-2013
  16. A Talking Cat!?! -2013
  17. An Easter Bunny Puppy-2013
  18. A Talking Pony!?! -2013
  19. 3 Wicked Witches-2014
  20. Trophy Heads-2014
  21. Hunter-2015
  22. Samurai Cop 2: Deadly Vengeance-2015
  23. Offer and Compromise-2016
  24. Darling Nikki-2017
  25. Merrily-2019


  1. The Young and the Restless-1973
  2. Police Woman-1978
  3. Deadman’s Curve-1978
  4. James at 16-1978
  5. B. J. and the Bear-1978
  6. Katie: Portrait of a Centerfold-1978
  7. Suddenly, Love-1978
  8. Eight Is Enough-1978
  9. David Cassidy: Man Undercover-1978
  10. Barnaby Jones-1979
  11. CHiPs-1979
  12. The Misadventures of Sheriff Lobo-1981
  13. Life of the Party-1982
  14. For Members Only-1983
  15. Oh Madeline-1983
  16. Oh Madeline-1983
  17. Night Court-1984
  18. The Great Halloween Puppy Adventure-2012
  19. The Wrong Man-2017