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Let’s Know About The Food Trends That Made Hype In Year 2022

Like fashion and beauty trends, food trends also change every year. For the last two years, when people liked comfort food, this year, people have tried something new in food. From seeds to cakes and vegan meat, there are many foods that topped this year’s food trends. 

Let’s know which food trends should be on top this year.

Herbal Tea

With health and fitness-conscious people, now everyone understands the benefits of herbal tea. The Corona epidemic also has some hand in this, which taught people to eat and drink right. This is the reason why there has been an increase in the market for herbal tea in the last two years. The importance of herbal tea cannot be denied, even in relieving stress and anxiety. Not only this, but deep and sound sleep also strengthens the immune system. Chamomile tea, white tea, matcha tea, and even Kashmiri Kahwa were hits this year.

Fusion Flavour Cakes

The year 2022 has also witnessed experiments in flavors in the cake industry. People have been widely appreciating common cake flavors combined with traditional sweet dishes of their regions, like Rasmalai Cakes and Gulab Jamin Cakes in the northern region of India. Blueberry Lavender Cakes, Blueberry Cheese Cakes, Chocolate Orange Cakes, Coffee Rose Cakes, and Green Tea Strawberry Cakes are other examples of the same. You can try a fusion flavor cake before 2022 ends by placing an online cake order in Gurgaon or the city you live in.


From sunflower seeds to pumpkin, chia, flax seeds, and hemp seeds, all these have entered our snacks, salads, and other dishes. The seeds present in them are very beneficial for omega-3 fatty acids, plant components, fiber, vitamins, and mineral health. They also contain small amounts of plant proteins, which have been shown to reduce inflammation and help manage other ailments.

Korean Cuisine

Like Korean shows and Korean music, Korean cuisine is also well-received by the people. The texture of Korean cuisine and its sweet, sour, and spiced flavor was appreciated by all. From Korean Style, Fried Chicken to Appetizers was also a hit.

Non Alcoholic Drink

Non-alcoholic drinks have become popular this year in view of a healthy lifestyle. Renowned alcohol brands have also understood this and have added several mocktail options to their menu. One of these is alcohol-free beer, which is attracting a lot of youth. Many restaurants have also included a variety of mocktails in their menu.

Vegan Meat

Plant protein is also called vegan meat. Their texture, flavor and look remain like meat. Soya, vegetable protein, and wheat gluten are special in this. Many famous personalities are foraying into the business of Vegan Meat stores as they sense potential business in it due to its demand. Plant-based vegan foods are made entirely from plant-derived ingredients, such as coconut oil, chickpea protein, etc.


Turmeric has always been famous, and it was a hit this year too. Turmeric has been included not only in milk lattes but also in cereals, even in an Ice Cream Sandwich. Turmeric is also beneficial in diabetes and hypoglycemia. It has a wonderful effect on immune function and helps to ward off germs and viruses.

Bento Cakes

Cakes have become so famous that people have started eating them as desserts after meals, and that’s what pushed bakers to invent bento cakes, also known as lunch box cakes. The bento cakes are miniature versions of large-size cakes, and they come packed in go-to containers for easy handling. They are also decorated like normal cakes, but they are brighter and hold more fun-worthy cake designs. Choose to order cakes online if you also want to try some new types of cakes.


Moringa is also called the magic tree, whose leaves are rich in nutrients. Moringa leaves are effective in fighting malnutrition. It is added in powdered form to smoothies, sauces, and baked goods. Moringa is also added to frozen sweets, protein bars, and packaged cereals.

We suggest you try all these food trends before the year ends so that you can share a perfect photo dump of your 2022 food journey on your social media. The new year will bring some new food trends and some trends of this year will also rule in the coming year.