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Lia Beldam Movies, Age, Height, Affairs And Net Worth

Lia Beldam was a Swiss actress well-known for her spectacular acting in the movie, The Shining (1980), her footage in Ready Player One (2018), and 50/50 (critique) (2020). Lia was born in Northern Switzerland city, Zurich. Lia was one of the most famous and talented Swiss actresses who worked only on one film project.

Lia Beldam Personal Info

Lia Beldam was born on the 17th of June 1947 in Zurich, Switzerland. At the age of 77, she died on the 23rd of August 2021. Lia belongs to Christianity, her nationality is Swiss, and her birth sign is Gemini. Her height was above 5 feet 6 inches, and her weight was around 63 kg or above. Lia belongs to the Caucasian ethnicity and has long black and white hair, and her eye color is light brown, which increases her beauty and makes her different.

Lia Beldam Family and Relationship

Lia Beldam belongs to a Swiss family. Lia didn’t share any information about her parents, siblings, relationships, and dating life on screen.

Lia Beldam Early Life and Education

Lia Beldam was born and grew up in Zurich, and she completed her early education at a local school there. Lia has done her graduation from the Swiss Mercantile. Lia was passionate about acting and modeling from her school days, and she wanted to work in the film industry.

Lia was a good performer and good-looking girl in his school days, as she performed at many school functions and other events, from where she gained a lot of appreciation, which encouraged her to work in the film industry. After education, she started her work as a model and performer worked for many brands, and polished her acting skills.

After working hard, Lia finally got a role in the movie, The Shining, in 1980, from where her acting career began. Later, Lia worked on many film projects as an actress or as her archive footage.

Lia Beldam Work

Lia Beldam started her work as an actress in 1980 through her first film, The Shining, from where she earned fame and a reputation. Lia has worked on more than four film projects, and here is the list of her work.

  1. Lia played the role of Woman in Bath in the film, The Shining (1980).
  2. Lia’s archive footage in Mr. Skin’s Favorite Horror Movie Nude Scenes (2016).
  3. Lia’s archive footage in Ready Player One (2018).
  4. Lia’s archive footage in 50/50 (critique) (2020).

Lia Beldam’s Net Worth

Lia Beldam is a former actress, and it was the only source of her income. Lia’s net worth was approximately $100k or above when she was active.

Some Facts About Lia Beldam

Here are some facts about Lia Beldam.

  • Lia died at the age of 77.
  • Lia gained fame through her role in The Shining in 1980.
  • Lia has worked on only one film project in her acting career.
  • Lia’s nationality is Swiss, and her net worth was $100k.