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Lolita Davidovich biography


In this article, we will discuss Lolita Davidovich mean her whole biography. For example, where Lolita Davidovich was born, her profession, siblings, family, etc. Therefore if you like Lolita Davidovich, and want to know her biography, you must read the whole extraordinary article till the end. So without wasting your let’s start a discussion about Lolita Davidovich.

Mini introduction of Lolita Davidovich

Lolita Davidovich was born on July 15, 1961, and she is a Canadian-born movie and television actress, best known for her act in Blaze Starr in the 1989 film Blaze, for which she gets a Chicago movie Critics Association Award nomination.

She after on had to start acts in movies including Leap of Faith in 1992, Raising Cain in 1992, Intersection in 1994, Cobb in 1994, Jungle 2 Jungle in 1997, Gods and Monsters in 1998, Mystery, Alaska in 1999, and Play It to the Bone in 1999, etc.

Lolita Davidovich’s early life

Davidovich was born in London, Ontario, the spawn of emigrants from the former Yugoslavia. Her father belonged to Belgrade, and her mother was from 

Deliberately attained weight to play the role of busty 1950s stripper Blaze Starr in Blaze (1989), in which she get over 600 other actresses.

The spawn of emigrants from the former Yugoslavia, her father was from Belgrade, the capital of Serbia, and her mother from Slovenia. Lolita spoke spare Serb-Croatian about her early years in Canada. When she was 10 years old, her parents divorced and she endured with her mother.

She studied at the Herbert Berghof Studios in New York.

Her husband writer/director/producer Ron Shelton, was once a small league baseball player for the Baltimore team. They have a spawn, Valentina who was born in 1999.

She currently resides in Los Angeles and Ojai, California.

  • Birthday: July 15, 1961
  • Age: 60 Years
  • Sun Sign: Cancer
  • Born Country: Canada
  • Born In: London, Ontario, Canada
  • Famous As: Actress
  • Birth Place: London, Ontario, Canada
  • Profession: Actor

Lolita Davidovich’s height weight, wife, siblings, net worth, and career

  • Famous: Canadian Women
    • Sun Sign: Cancer
    • Born Country: Canada
    • Born In: London, Ontario, Canada
    • Famous As Actress
    • Height: 173 Cm
    • Spouse/Ex-: Ron Shelton
    • Father: Branko Davidović
    • Children: Valentina Shelton
    • City: London, Canada
    • Bio: Lolita Davidovich is a Canadian actress famous for her flamboyant portrayal of the Louisiana stripper blaze star in the film ‘Blaze’.

Facts about Lolita Davidovich

  • Lolita Davidovich was born on July 15, 1961, in London, Canada
  • She is a celebrity actress
  •  Her best and most famous movies are Mystery, Alaska (1999), Jungle 2 Jungle (1997), Raising Cain (1992), The Longest Ride (2015), and Intersection (1994)
  • She joined several TV shows named Shades of Blue, Law & Order True Crime, ZOS – Zone of Separation, Good God, The Judge
  • She had 1 child named Valentina Shelton
  •  Her spouse is called Ron Shelton
  • Lolita Davidovich’s height is 173cm

Lolita Davidovich Net Worth

Lolita Davidovich is one of the famous richest Movie Actresses & is listed as the most famous Movie Actress. According to our latest analysis, Wikipedia, Forbes & Business Insider, Lolita Davidovich’s net worth is about $1.5 Million.

 Lolita Davidovich movies and TV shows

Lolita Davidovich performs a different role in various dramas. Moreover, her drama names are pops up beyond, with years for your easiness. Which are the following. Lolita Davidovich also plays a fantastic activity in the movies. Afterward, her movie name with the year is related beyond your easiness.

  1. 2021-Law & Order (TV Series)
  2. 2019-Write before Christmas (TV Movie)
  3. 2019-Good Witch (TV Series)
  4. 2019-Paris, Wine, and Romance (TV Movie)
  5. Margot
  6. 2019-Suits (TV Series)
  7. 2018-Once Upon a Christmas Miracle (TV Movie)
  8. 2018-Sorry for Your Loss
  9. 2017-Law & Order True Crime (TV Mini-Series)
  10. 2016-Dr. Del (TV Movie)
  11. 2016-Shades of Blue (TV Series)
  12. 2015-Blood & Oil (TV Series)
  13. 2015-True Detective (TV Series)
  14. 2015-Backstrom (TV Series)
  15. 2015-The Longest Ride
  16. 2014-Squatters (Video)
  17. 2013-NCIS (TV Series)
  18. 2013-Romeo Killer (TV Movie)
  19. 2013-Bunheads (TV Series)
  20. 2012-Good God! with God (TV Series)
  21. 2012-Psych (TV Series)
  22. 2012-Smitty
  23. 2011-Hound Dogs (TV Movie)
  24. 2011-Rizzoli & Isles (TV Series)
  25. 2011-Cinema Verite (TV Movie)
  26. 2009-Cold Case (TV Series)
  27. 2009-Curb Your Enthusiasm (TV Series)
  28. 2009-Throwing Stones (TV Movie)
  29. 2009-ZOS (TV Mini-Series)
  30. 2009-Criminal Minds (TV Series)
  31. 2008-Quarterlife (TV Series)
  32. 2007-September Dawn
  33. 2007-State of Mind (TV Series)
  34. 2006-Kill Your Darlings
  35. 2006-Bye Bye Benjamin (Short)
  36. 2005-CSI (TV Series)
  37. 2005-Bury the Lead (TV Series)
  38. 2004-The L Word (TV Series)
  39. 2003 to 2004-The Guardian (TV Series)
  40. 2003-Monk (TV Series)
  41. 2003-Hollywood Homicide
  42. 2002 to 2003-The Agency (TV Series)
  43. 2002-Dark Blue
  44. 2002-The Practice (TV Series)
  45. 2001-The Kid (TV Movie)
  46. 2001-Snow in August (TV Movie)
  47. 2001-The Judge (TV Mini-Series)
  48. 2001-Beggars and Choosers (TV Series)
  49. 1999-Forever Flirt
  50. 1999-Play It to the Bone
  51. 1999-Mystery, Alaska
  52. 1999-Four Days
  53. 1999-Touched
  54. 1999-Rugrats (TV Series)
  55. 1998-Stories from My Childhood (TV Series)
  56. 1998-Of Light and Darkness (Video Game)
  57. 1998-Gods and Monsters
  58. 1997-Santa Fe
  59. 1997-Perversions of Science (TV Series)
  60. 1997-Jungle 2 Jungle
  61. 1997-Touch
  62. 1997-Dead Silence (TV Movie)
  63. 1996-Salt Water Moose
  64. 1996-Harvest of Fire (TV Movie)
  65. 1996-Jake’s Women (TV Movie)
  66. 1994 to 1996-Duckman (TV Series)
  67. 1995-Chronomaster (Video Game)
  68. 1995-Now and Then
  69. 1995-Indictment (TV Movie)
  70. 1995-For Better or Worse
  71. 1994-Trial at Fortitude Bay (TV Movie)
  72. 1994-Cobb
  73. 1994-Intersection
  74. 1993-Younger and Younger
  75. 1993-Boiling Point
  76. 1992-Leap of Faith
  77. 1992-Raising Cain
  78. 1992-Keep the Change (TV Movie)
  79. 1991-The Inner Circle
  80. 1991-JFK
  81. 1991-The Object of Beauty
  82. 1991-Prison Stories (TV Movie)
  83. 1990-Uncut Gem (TV Movie)
  84. 1990-Love & Murder
  85. 1989-Blaze
  86. 1989-Friday the 13th (TV Series)
  87. 1988-Check It Out (TV Series)
  88. 1987-Night Heat (TV Series)
  89. 1987-Last Man Standing
  90. 1987-Adderly (TV Series)
  91. 1987-The Big Town
  92. 1987-Blindside
  93. 1987-Adventures in Babysitting
  94. 1987-I’ll Take Manhattan (TV Mini-Series)
  95. 1986-The Pink Chiquitas
  96. 1986-Recruits
  97. 1985-Days of Our Lives (TV Series)
  98. 1985-Two Fathers’ Justice (TV Movie)
  99. 1983-Class