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Matthew Rush biography

Matthew Rush is a British cameraman well-known for his spectacular work in The Customer Comes First (2022), Apex (2021), and Prospect (2018). Matthew was born in a famous city in the United Kingdom. Matthew is one of the most famous and talented cameramen in the United Kingdom.

Matthew Rush Personal Info

Matthew Rush’s exact date of birth is unknown, but he looks around 30 or 35 years old as of 2022. Matthew belongs to Christianity, his nationality is British, and there is no information about his birth sign. His height is above 5 feet 2 inches, and his weight is around 62 kg or above. Matthew belongs to the white ethnicity and has short light brown hair, and his eye color is also brown, which increases his beauty and makes him different.

Matthew Rush Family and Relationship

Matthew Rush didn’t share any information about his parents, siblings, relationship, and dating life on screen.

Matthew Rush Early Life and Education

Matthew Rush was born and grew up in the United Kingdom, and he completed his early education at a local school from there. Matthew has done his graduation from a renowned university in the United Kingdom. Matthew was passionate about acting and filmmaking from his school days and wanted to work in the film industry.

After education, Matthew worked on his cameraman and acting skills and worked very hard. He played many roles in commercials and other advertisements as an actor and cameraman, from where he polished his skills.

After working hard, Matthew finally got a role in a video short, The Strong Man, in 2014, from where his acting career began. Later, Matthew played many roles in films, shorts, and television series as an actor and cameraman and became successful.

Matthew Rush Work

Matthew Rush started his work as an actor in 2014 through his first short, The Strong Man. Matthew began his work as a cameraman in 2016 through Stagnant. Matthew has worked on more than 35 film projects, and here is the list of his work.

Matthew Rush Work as Actor

  1. The Strong Man (2014).
  2. Buried State (2016).
  3. Please Subscribe (2016).
  4. The Scottish Play (2017).
  5. Divine Shadow (2018).

Matthew Rush Work as a Cameraman

  1. Stagnant (2016).
  2. The Gender Card Flip (2016).
  3. A Matter of Prejudice (2017).
  4. The Scottish Play (2017).
  5. Fool (2017).
  6. Emiko (2017).
  7. Divine Shadow (2018).
  8. Two Pictures (2018).
  9. Sadie (2018).
  10. Prospect (2018).
  11. Old Blue Eyes Ain’t Nothin’ (2018).
  12. Automata (2018).
  13. Fall City (2018).
  14. Hunky Boys Go Ding-Dong (2018).
  15. Beside You (2018).
  16. Tabitha: Witch of the Order (2019).
  17. Language Arts (2020).
  18. The Paper Tigers (2020).
  19. The Jinkx and DeLa Holiday Special (2020).
  20. The Things in Between (2020).
  21. East of the Mountains (2021).
  22. All Sorts (2021).
  23. Apex (2021).
  24. Portal Runner (2021).
  25. Not the Most Careful of Girls (2022).
  26. Boon (2022).
  27. Three Busy Debras (2022).

Matthew Rush Net Worth

Matthew Rush is a cameraman and actor, and it is the only source of his income. Matthew’s net worth is approximately $1 million or round above.

Some Facts About Matthew Rush

Here are some facts about Matthew Rush.

  • Matthew is around 30 or 35 years old as of 2022.
  • Matthew gained fame through his work in Prospect in 2018.
  • Matthew is one of the most famous cameramen in the United Kingdom.
  • Matthew’s nationality is British, and his net worth is above $1 million.