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Maya Dunbar biography

Maya Dunbar is an American actress well-known for her spectacular acting in For Richer or Poorer (2013), Banshee (2014), and The Cheaters Club (2017). Maya was born in Kent, Ohio, the United States. Maya is one of the most talented and famous actresses in the United States.

Maya Dunbar Personal Info

Maya Dunbar’s exact date of birth is unknown, but she looks around 35 or 40 years old as of 2022. Maya belongs to Christianity, her nationality is American, and there is no information about her birth sign. Her height is above 5 feet 7 inches, and her weight is around 64 kg or above. Maya belongs to the black ethnicity and has long black hair, and her eye color is also black, which increases her beauty and makes her different.

Maya Dunbar Family and Relationship

Maya Dunbar married an American actor and producer Rockmond Dunbar and has four children. Maya’s children are Berkeley Seon Dunbar, Czar Rockmond Dunbar, and Pharaoh Dunbar.

Maya didn’t share any information about her parents and siblings on screen.

Maya Dunbar Early Life and Education

Maya Dunbar was born and grew up in Kent, and she completed her early education at a local school from there. Maya has done her graduation from a renowned university in the United States. Maya was passionate about acting and filming from her school days and wanted to be an actress.

Maya was a good performer from her school days, as she performed at many school functions and other events, from where she gained a lot of appreciation, which encouraged her to act. After education, she practiced her acting and performing skills and polished them by playing short roles.

After working hard, Maya finally got a role in a video short, Twisted, in 2004, from where her acting career began. Later, Maya played many roles in films and television series and became a successful actress.

Maya Dunbar Work

Maya Dunbar started her work as an actress in 2004, and she made her appearance in her first television series, Days of Our Lives, in 2005, from where she earned a reputation. Maya has worked on more than 25 film projects, and here is the list of her work.

  1. Twisted (2004).
  2. Days of Our Lives (2005).
  3. Nanny and the Professional (2005).
  4. General Hospital (2006).
  5. Eve (2006).
  6. Ring (2006).
  7. The DL Chronicles (2007).
  8. Pirates of Ghost Island (2007).
  9. Lovers & Haters (2007).
  10. Suspect (2007).
  11. The Broken Hearts Club (2009).
  12. The Hiding (2009).
  13. Busted (2009).
  14. Zane’s Sex Chronicles (2010).
  15. Reggie’s Family & Friends (2010).
  16. Inversion (2010).
  17. The Lawyer, the Thug & the Princess (2011).
  18. The Perfect Man (2011).
  19. Middle of Nowhere (2012).
  20. Southland (2012).
  21. The Good Life (2012).
  22. Harry’s Law (2012).
  23. For Richer or Poorer (2013).
  24. The Rev (2013).
  25. Banshee (2014).
  26. One Love (2014).
  27. The Mentalist (2015).
  28. Forgiveness (2015).
  29. The Cheaters Club (2017).

Maya Dunbar Net Worth

Maya Dunbar is an actress, and it is the only source of her income. Maya’s net worth is approximately $1 million or round above.

Some Facts About Maya Dunbar

Here are some facts about Maya Dunbar.

  • Maya is around 35 or 40 years old as of 2022.
  • Maya gained fame through her role in For Richer or Poorer in 2013.
  • Maya married an American actor Rockmond Dunbar, and they have four children.
  • Maya’s nationality is American, and her net worth is above $1 million.