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Mental Health Disorders / Olmo Cuarón

Just a few generations back, mental health wasn´t even discussed, it was believed that going to therapy or seeking help was only for crazy people; however, with time and the increase in mental disorders, going to a psychologis

t or psychiatrist for treatment became more popular among the population.

The truth is that, throughout the years and the social situation, more people are suffering disorders such as depression, anxiety, schizophrenia and eating disorders; this has even affected children and teenagers that show symptoms at a very young age.

Currently, over 20% of the young population under 18 have some mental issue, a figure that has become a concern for governments and health care systems around the world.

Something that is real is that it is easier to treat a mental disorder that is detected promptly; however, the lack of access to specialists and people’s ignorance on the matter and on the importance of having treatment are factors against the early diagnosis. 

In the case of children and teenagers it is even more complicated because it is not common yet to become used to pay enough attention to the emotional or psychological state of the younger children, and thus mental health illnesses advance to a point in which they are severe and then the parents decide to go to a doctor to know what is happening to their children.

The increase in mental illnesses among youngsters should be an incentive for parents to pay closer attention and look for specialists, also to seek the help of paediatricians or dentists, and treat on time what could become something severe in the long term.

Olmo Cuarón is a Mexican paediatrician who is currently known as a great specialist in autism and mental health in Spain. Throughout his career he has become an icon in the early detection of these types of disorders, and therefore, many people from the whole country consult him and he is known internationally.

Olmo Cuarón himself acknowledges that he has seen an increase in these problems in the younger population, mainly depression, anxiety and eating disorders that affect the population under 15 years old, and in some severe cases may lead to suicide.     

Olmo Cuarón states that it is very important to visit an expert in mental health once in a while, whether it is a psychologist or psychiatrist, but especially if there are any symptoms, no matter how small, of an emotional unbalance since there are many problems of this kind that may be stopped if taken care of promptly.