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Next-Gen vs. Practice Mate EHR – What are the Differences and Which One Is the Best Choice for 2022?

Practice Mate EHR is next-generation healthcare software that many hospitals have used. Practice Mate is Software that helps improve patient care and reduce medical errors, and it also provides a platform for patients and doctors to communicate in real-time. The next-generation ehr software helps reduce medical errors and improve patient care while providing a platform for patients and doctors to share in real-time. Practice Mate ehr includes electronic health records, electronic prescribing, and more. Practice Mate Hospital Software is the most widely used hospital software in the United States today. It helps hospitals provide better quality care for their patients through electronic health records, electronic prescribing, secure messaging, clinical decision support systems, etc.

Practice Mate EHR comes with most features and tools hospitals need to succeed.

The best healthcare technology for your facility will depend on what you are looking for. However, some considerations can help you make the decision easier and faster.

Some of these considerations include the size of your facility, budget, and the type of care you provide.

Now let’s have a brief overview of each Software.

How do NextGen EHR works?

NextGen Healthcare is an award-winning solution that offers a commitment to assist and professional services. Enterprise EHR allows you to practice with customizable clinical data and intuitive workflows. A unifying customer experience platform that integrates the latest telehealth technologies. Smartphones have become the newest extension of your EHR and can help you save time. A managed cloud-hosted system makes sure that your practice is protected and allows you to upgrade. However, there are also options for services that are on-premise. NextGen(r) Enterprise PM supports scheduling and registration of patients’ eligibility verification and prior-service clearing of financial transactions. It also allows rule-based charge generation claim processing and scrubbing A/R management and collections and reporting. Healthcare organizations will benefit from the latest technology and professional services integrated into EHR or PM systems.

NextGen EMR Healthcare is significantly more user-friendly than other EHR Software. It has interoperability capabilities that allow it to integrate with different systems. Some of these are:

E Prescribing

Web-based EHR allows e-prescribing and connections to significant laboratories, a room status dashboard consolidating patient information, including billing and reports.

Billing management

Make billing simpler and use the revenue cycle management capabilities to assist staffing and denial management.

Online communication

send appointment emails and text reminders, Direct messaging online, virtual fax visits, and email reminders. .

NextGen Pricing

The Software isn’t the most intuitive, but it is cost-effective, ranging from $299 to $549 per provider per month.

Practice Mate EHR Software

Practice Mate from Office Ally is a free cloud-based practice management software. Users can avail of the EHR option at a low cost. It offers scheduling appointments, superbills and reminders for appointments, creation of claims, and reporting.

Practice Mate has various features and benefits that can assist you in organizing and growing your practice. When you use Practice Mate(TM), you’re covered by a FREE claim submission service. You can submit claims to over 55,000 insurance companies for free cost!

Office Practice Mate from Ally is an online medical practice management software that caters to smaller and mid-sized healthcare institutions. It is customizable to meet the requirements of different specialties and aids users in digitizing the processes required to run practices.

The solution is HIPAA compliant and can be used in conjunction with the Office Ally EHR solution.

Appointment Scheduling

Practice Mate comes with sophisticated scheduling capabilities, for example, the ability to classify appointments for patients according to dates and shading them to differentiate between really. Additionally, you can upload notes from patients and schedule repeating appointments in a snap.

Patient Information

Patient Ally plays a vital role in streamlining and keeping patient records. Patients must enter the essential information like their insurance coverage or medical history, the most efficient ones when registering on the portal for patients. They can utilize Excel to test this using Practice Mate.

Automatic Transactions

Create default strategies and perform diagnostic coding with practice with the Practice Mate Office Ally demonstration. It’s a must-have tool ideal for doctors, especially for psychiatric hospitals. The most pleasant method of understanding the specifics of the patient’s bills is using this tool for scheduling. Furthermore, the application can manage the entire billing process to help users maximize profits. You can focus on the primary obligation, i.e., turning into remarkable patient care.

Insurance Claims

Office Ally’s Software for confirming claims is linked to EHR, and it has easy-to-read and understandable presentations to detect rejected claims and analyze the consequences. Therefore, denied claims are reviewed for changes and are re-posted promptly.

Managing Payment Statement

Office Ally Practice Mate lets users see the patient’s reports within the EHR immediately, and the EHR is also available to print. One of the most critical aspects of Office Ally Practice Mate reviews is that they can be simple for patients to comprehend, increasing their happiness.


Another aspect covered by Office Ally, the most EHR pricing package, is the ability to report and chart the patient. It keeps track of how often scheduled visits to patients and regular collections to aid in analyzing overall performance patterns.

Practice Mate Cost

The only time you have to pay is if more than half of your submitted claims for the month are non-participating, but even then, it only costs $35 for the month, regardless of how many claims are submitted. It’s a great deal.


Office Ally comes at a low fee and permits customers to set text, telephone, and email reminders; further reviews also show that sometimes the device slows down from time to time.


You can view all factors of the clinical software program live while watching the Office Ally Practice Mate and NextGen demo. By watching the demo, it will be more convenient to decide what is better, so get the demo now