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Opportunities in using mobiles in data collection

Although the collection of data is not new, the arrival of mobile phones has made it more engaging and efficient. Before the invention of mobile technology, users had to record data on the spot with pen and paper or manually type it into the computer to organize it. 

However, with mobile data collection, information may now be digitally recorded on a mobile device at the point of collection, obviating the requirement for data entry once the data has been acquired.

What is mobile data collection?

Mobile data collection (MDC) is a technique for acquiring various types of data using a mobile device. It allows people to save money and time. It’s even better for the environment because it saves a lot of paper. Collecting data in the field in this non-contact manner can also improve worker security.

What role does mobile data collecting play in the business?

  • Data collecting on mobile devices are more effective and guarantees data accuracy: Completing mobile forms on your smartphone saves time and reduces the risk of human error. Users can choose data from lists, checkboxes, radio buttons, or scanned data instead of manually entering it. 

Furthermore, automatic data verification based on data type and mandatory fields is included in mobile data collecting. Data validation and a reduction in manual entry help to eliminate errors and save time.

  • Mobile data acquisition organizes teams and monitors the collection process in real-time: You can make changes to the mobile form at any time and from anywhere. You may make changes to the accompanying mobile form online quickly, and everyone on your team has instant access to the same data. 

Mobile data collecting allows for real-time data assessment and project monitoring. Permissions may manage team responsibilities and control who can gather or edit data, making it simple to assign tasks and make choices.

Below are some of the advantages of adopting mobile data collection:

  • Cost savings: You can save money by decreasing or eliminating paper and shortening the time it takes field employees to collect data. It also eliminates the need to bring actual forms into the office. Traditional survey methods frequently necessitate “double data entry,” two employees enter the same information, and one supervisor compares the two. The cost savings from eliminating this redundancy are enormous.
  • Boost your speed: In the data collecting process, mobile data gathering removes or decreases time-consuming stages. This strategy lessens the time it takes to collect data in the field and reduces the time it takes to analyze and evaluate the data. 

Because real-time data is uploaded instantaneously, managers may be notified when new information becomes available, or action is required. The ability to respond quickly to difficulties that arise on the ground necessitates a shorter turnaround time.

  • Storage and backup that is more secure: Paper can be misplaced, damaged, or misused in various ways, causing complications later if the information needs to be accessed again. Digital mobile data, on the other hand, can be backed up, copied, stored, and, if necessary, encrypted for secure future access quickly and cheaply.
  • Simple to use: Because the enumerator is guided through the interview by the software, they may focus on other important areas instead of making sure that all of the right questions are asked. This advantage will be especially noticeable when the circumstances for asking questions are more sophisticated.

The use of mobile data collection improves the efficiency of corporate operations. This strategy has been shown in practice to increase data collecting speed and accuracy, service delivery effectiveness, and employee performance. 

Each team member can accomplish more and make more informed business decisions thanks to mobile data collecting. Everyone in the group has instant access to the data gathered and can take action fast. So don’t be hesitant to try mobile data gathering; it will make life easier and prevent you from dealing with data loss and inaccuracies.