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Resolve Error [pii_email_aef67573025b785e8ee2] Fixed

About 400 million active users of Microsoft Outlook, reported that this application is very well for emails sent and received from anywhere. Rather, it has many errors because these errors are inevitable. But MS Outlook is famous among the other apps for its better service. It provides the best private security and makes sure that users sending and receiving mails would not be public. It also uses the best communicating system for mails and fast ones.

Sometimes errors occur during the mails receiving and sending but don’t worry. They are not viruses that cannot solve. Every problem has its solution. Like other errors [pii_email_aef67573025b785e8ee2] errors also occur during mails sending and receiving. Which notify you that there is a problem with your outlook system. When this error occurred, you are not able to view the incoming emails. This type [pii_email_aef67573025b785e8ee2] errors are also call PII emails error. This [pii_email_aef67573025b785e8ee2] error only disrupts your work, disables the function of the mail system. When this occurs, there is a technical issue in your MS Outlook. And it should be resolved as soon as possible. This error mostly arises when your MS Outlook does not work correctly.


The main reason behind this type of PII emails errors is multiple accounts. It means that if you are using more than one account in your MS Outlook, then there will be a greater possibility that you will encounter it.

If you were using more than one application for the same task, there are greater chances to effect this error.

If you are using a version other than web-based, then you will experience this fallacy without any restriction. Therefore to avoid this, you should use the web-based version of m outlook.

If some files skip during the installation process of MS Outlook, it may create a disturbance in email functioning. It may also cause this flaw.

If you are using the outdated version of MS Outlook, and it needs updating. If you don’t do this, there will be an error on your dashboard screen. To resolve this, you need to install its updated version. So that it performs its proper function.

If your MS Outlook version is incompatible or does not match your operating system version, you will receive this error.

When MS Outlook data storage exceeds its limits, it produces disturbance in the system and becomes the cause of this error.

Catches and cookies data are needed to clear, support your system to work correctly. If you never clear your caches and cookies, then maybe the main reason for this error.

You can also change your MS Outlook settings if you experience this type of error. Reset MS Outlook account setting and set on the default.

Sluggish internet service also causes this because MS Outlook application demands maximum internet speed to manage their system. Therefore if your internet service is disrupted, you may get this flaw.


PII emails error are not viruses or malware that cannot solve. These errors can be solved by the simplest and easiest method and without getting worried about them. If you want to solve this blunder, then keep attached with us. These methods are following.

By clearing cookies

It is the simplest and easiest method to get rid of this error. Those files, present in catches and cookies may interact with MS Outlook files and create disruption. That may show this error on your dashboard screen. When it happens, then it comes on your dashboard screen and will disturb you. Therefore it is necessary to remove this error hurriedly. To do this, delete all catch and cookies, if you don’t know how to do this, follow the instructions.

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First of all, open the browser. After this, you will see the three dots in the top right corner where more sections will present. Then click on this button, and you will see the number of choices. Select the additional resources, and you will see the next option is clearing browsing data. Click on it, when you have done this, you will see the variety of choices, then select the catch and cookies and confirm it. It will clear your catch and cookies data, then open the MS Outlook and check whether you still have the error or not.

By using troubleshooting center

The troubleshooting is present in every machine, and users use it to solve different errors. It will automatically fathom your problem by identifying your blunder. Therefore you must ask the troubleshooting center to get out of your from this error. To do this, you have to follow the different steps on your desktop.

First of all, select the start button and for the options preference. After this, different configurations will come on the screen. Then choose the security and updates. When you select this, then click on the option panic fix. It will help you to resolve this PII email error.

By checking the MS Outlook version

It may be possible that during the installation process, some files are skipped in different steps because your installing MS Outlook version is incompatible with your OS version. Therefore before installing it, make sure that you install the compatible version of MS Outlook. To make sure the outlook version follows the steps mentioned below.

First of all, open the Outlook of Microsoft on your computer. Then click on the help menu and select Microsoft office outlook. In this section, you will see the version of Microsoft Outlook. After this, also check the sort of your operating system. So that you can install the compatible version of Microsoft outlook. It suggested that even you are using the compatible version of Microsoft Outlook, uninstall and reinstall the Outlook of Microsoft. Maybe it will fix your problem.

By updating MS Outlook

As described earlier, sometimes your MS Outlook needs updating for proper functioning. If you are using the old version of Microsoft Outlook, then it is necessary to find the latest version and install it to solve your fallacy. After this, you may get rid of this PII email error.

By contacting Microsoft support

If none of the methods work described above, then don’t worry. You have to contact Microsoft support to solve this flaw. To do this, search Microsoft support on your browser and follow the instructions described to assort this error. It is the last and final method to resolve it.

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