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Resolve Error [pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426] Fixed

According to Wikipedia, about 400 million people use Microsoft Outlook. The number of people who use Microsoft outlook is present in the Microsoft office suite. And if your application is not working well, there must be an error. There are many reasons for this type of error. Till now, the most common type of issue that is reported is [pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426] error. An outlook user is among five users affected by this flaw in his whole life.


Most commonly, this erratum occurred due to a problem in the installation process. Or maybe some files escaped during the installation process of the application. And if we discuss it more deeply, we can say that a mistake in installing MS outlook or windows also sometimes causes problems.

And if you contain more than one email address in the outlook of Microsoft, then this type of fallacy may occur. Therefore, you need to remove your ancillary accounts from the Outlook of Microsoft to eliminate this fault and continue Microsoft outlook with only one account, it may remove your delusion.

Any problem in the installation process is the main reason for this literal, but sometimes few problems in SMPT also cause this.    Or misconfiguration in SMPT also created the same fallacy. So, you need to check first that the outlook of Microsoft that you used is a compatible version and window supported this outlook. And if you install the wrong outlook version, your outlook application is broken, and an error will be displayed on your work screen. Therefore, it is necessary to check the version of Microsoft outlook before using it.

When any problem with your outlook has occurred, this blunder displays. A version of the window is being used also affects this. If a version is not compatible, then it may cause this blunder. If you used a hacked version of Microsoft Outlook, then this flaw may occur. Multiple and duplicate accounts also affected this delusion. It also occurs when your profile is discomposed. The firewall policies do not access the application that may cause this flaw.


When you’ve identified your problem, the next step is to solve it. We can solve this type of blunder using different ways.

By checking the Microsoft outlook version

As described earlier, that type of flaw occurs due to mistakes in the installation process. Its means that during the installation process, some steps are skipped, due to which this fallacy occurs, and this happens when your desktop version is not compatible with your installing outlook version. So, make sure that the desktop version you used is compatible with installing the outlook version. To check, follow the instructions.

First of all, open Microsoft Outlook on your desktop and go to the help menu. Then select Microsoft office outlook. Here you can easily find your outlook version in the about section. Later on, check the desktop version and if it is not compatible with the Outlook version, uninstall the outlook application and reinstall the compatible version. It will fix your blunder after doing this.

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You run a compatible version of Microsoft Outlook. It is suggested that uninstall and reinstall the Microsoft Outlook after downloading this from the Microsoft official website because your installed outlook version may be a copy of outlook or something else. Therefore try this, maybe it will fix your problem without any hindrance.

By deleting local app data

If you never delete the local App data of your Microsoft Outlook and pc, then it may cause an error. As defined earlier, duplicated accounts are the reasons for this flaw, and these temp files also act like duplicate accounts. Therefore, it is necessary to remove these files and clear out all local App data. To do this, follow the instructions.

To open the run dialogue, enter the control + R. Later, type %local App data%. When you open the file of local app data, then delete all the files. It is also necessary to clear all caches and cookies then go back. When you have done this, then it will fix your problem.

By checking antivirus firewall rules

When your Microsoft Outlook is not from the official source, it may cause a fallacy. And if you are running antivirus on your computer, then it will detect the pirated outlook of Microsoft and make it stop and retarded it. To remove this, uninstall and reinstall your outlook application, disable the antivirus else to do this.

Go to the official website of antivirus, and follow the instruction to disable the antivirus. Or if you are not using any antivirus on your computer, then there is a window defender that is the default antivirus presents in windows. To disable this, follow the instructions.

First of all, go to the setting and search update and security. Then go to window security and click on the virus and threat protection and finally click on the managed settings and switch real-time protection to off. When you disable the window defender, it will fix your current flaw.

By checking Duplicate Accounts

If you are using multiple or duplicate accounts, in your Microsoft outlook. Then there is a greater chance for you to see this [pii_email_b47d29538f12c20da426] Error. Because duplicate accounts are one of the main reasons for all PII email errors. If you want to check this, whether you have multiple accounts or not, then follow the instructions.

In this method, go to the control penal in your computer and change the view, too large. Then go to mail and click on it. Within it, click on the email accounts. Later on, you will see the active accounts in your outlook. Then check you have multiple accounts or not. If yes, then delete all the duplicate accounts. As a result, your error will fix.

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