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Resolve Error [pii_email_be5f33dbc1906d2b5336] Fixed

The Outlook of Microsoft is an email regarding the application used worldwide. It is used every time on the planet by individuals or businessmen. It is chiefly a usage application for emails sent and received through MS Outlook. Its privacy policy and secure system of forwarding emails are superb. Therefore you should try to use this application in your day-to-day life.

To check its feature and attributes.

When you are trying to use outlook of Microsoft, then maybe you encounter this most common PII email error [pii_email_be5f33dbc1906d2b5336]. If you are wondering about its causes, then it may block or prevent you from sending or receiving emails from outlook.

This error displays on your dashboard screen when your Microsoft Outlook version is not compatible with your operating system version. Once it pops up on your screen, then it will make your whole day restless. It may also irritate you by coming up arbitrarily on your screen.


Some other reasons for this error [pii_email_be5f33dbc1906d2b5336] are following.

  • If you are using the broken Outlook application, then you will get this flaw.
  • If you installed your Outlook version from a third-party website, you may get this flaw.
  • If you are using duplicate or multiple IDs in your Outlook account, you will get this flaw.
  • If your user profile cracked, then you may get this flaw.
  • If your email is blocked from the attack of antivirus or firewall, then you will get this flaw.
  • If your internet service speed is slow, you will get this flaw.
  • If you are not using the compatible version of Microsoft Outlook with the version of your system, then you may get this flaw.
  • If your outlook has outdated, then you may get this flaw.
  • If any restriction occurs in the installing process of the Microsoft Outlook application, then you will get this flaw.
  • If your Outlook version does not belong to the web-based version, you may get this flaw.
  • If any conflict occurs between MS Outlook and other applications, you will get this flaw.
  • If any misconfiguration occurs in the port number of the SMTP server, then you may get this flaw.


Sometimes this error occurs due to a technical issue in your MS Outlook application. But in this case, it occurs because your outlook version is not compatible. We describe some methods to fix this error from your dashboard screen. If you also want to resolve this, keep in contact with us and read the whole article.

Disable antivirus

Sometimes configuration modification or the antivirus software’s defaults feature may prevent the Microsoft Outlook application from connecting with the server. Therefore you need to temporarily disable it. To do this, you need to

First of all, open the setting application and hit on the search bar. Then type settings into the search bar and select update and security. Then select the window security from the drop-down menu and open window security from the same menu. After this, click on it and open it. Then select virus and threat protection and choose window defender antivirus from the drop-down menu. At last, turn off the scanning that occurs regularly.

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Finally, check the fault by opening your Microsoft Outlook application.

Examine internet blunders

If your internet disrupts continuously, then you will get this fallacy. Therefore to solve this problem, you must check out all internet flaws. Sometimes outlook IP address is blocked from the backside to follow the government. It has been done, for some reason. After this, make sure that all other internet-connected gadgets utilize the internet properly to rule out this possibility.

When you solve all your blunders relating to the internet, then check the fault.

Outlook compatibility checker

There are maximum chances that it is the main reason behind this fallacy. If you are using the incompatible version of the Outlook of Microsoft, then you have to face this error. Therefore make sure that you are using the compatible version of Microsoft Outlook or not. To do this, you need to

First of all, open the outlook application of Microsoft and hit on the help menu. Then tap on the about Microsoft Office outlook from the help menu to learn more.

In the about section, you can see the Outlook version. Here you know about your Outlook version and whether it is compatible or not. If it is not amicable, then delete it. And download the compatible version of MS Outlook that matches your operating system version.

If your Outlook version is compatible, then it is suggested that, reinstall your application again to solve the flaw.

Delete duplicate accounts

To resolve this [pii_email_be5f33dbc1906d2b5336] flaw, you need to check your duplicate accounts and delete all of them.  If you want to check the duplicates account, then follow the instructions.

First of all, open the control penal and select the large category option. Then search Mail and hit on it. When you have done this pop-up screen will appear then, select email accounts from the pop-up screen. Finely, a saved duplicates account in the Outlook application will appear here. After this, check the duplicate accounts and tap on the remove. And log in with only one account.

Then check the fault by opening the outlook application again.

Reinstall the application

If you are not installed your outlook application from the official source, then maybe your application is pirated. Maybe your MS Outlook version cracked, and Outlook files might corrupt. Therefore you need to uninstall the outlook application. Then install the Outlook application from the official website of Microsoft Office.

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