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Resolve Error [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] Fixed

There are many applications through which we can send and receive messages. But the most famous application is the outlook of Microsoft. Via MS outlook, we can send messages and receive every email from anywhere because it is an update-level Microsoft application. Therefore their Microsoft office provides extraordinary facilities and every possible help to their users.

Sometimes, you experience an error that displays on your outlook dashboard screen and comes again and again. It may irritate you and create disturbance in your work. Thus, to continue your work smoothly, you need to remove this error as soon as possible. But the question is how to solve this error? If you don’t know, then don’t worry. You come to the right place.

Here we discuss through which methods you can resolve this error hurriedly. Because when you already know how to solve the type of error? Then in trouble time, you get no worry because you know about its solution. To learn this, keep attached with us and read the whole article to open your minds to crises about it. Every year, a large number of MS outlook users call the MS office to report blunders related to emails. And these errors seem to be very technical but not.

Here we learn, how can we solve these errors by facile and absorbing methods?

People like the outlook of Microsoft because it has many features like it is easy to use, safe due to its privacy policy, and secure transfer of emails. The Outlook of Microsoft is the same as the post office machine that works online. In the present time, there is no shortage of faster email applications like Gmail, Yahoo, MS Outlook, Hotmail, Proton Mail, etc.

These are the most popular ones, but the maturity of the people like to use outlook of Microsoft because it has great popularity in email servicing. POP email software stands for post office protocol. MS outlook uses an organized way to sort emails. Therefore it is worldwide the most using email application.

What is [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e4c] error?

In more simple words, we say that it is a usual Outlook flaw that, can be solved by a few steps. When any technical error occurs in the outlook of Microsoft, it will display on the outlook dashboard screen. It is not a virus or malware. In other words, it means that something went wrong in your Microsoft outlook. If you want to work smoothly, resolve this problem as soon as possible.

This type of error is known as PII emails error because it affects the email’s functioning of the outlook. This code tells the user that your email program is not working well. These errors are widespread in the Outlook of Microsoft. This error code automatically bugs the screen randomly and disrupts your email functioning. Thus to continue the work again, you need to solve this fallacy hurriedly.


The fundamental reason for this PII email error is the old version of Microsoft outlook. Due to which you may experience this flaw.

If you experience this type of flaw, then there is the possibility that it is due to any misleading in your installation process. It means that some steps were skipped, during the installation process of your Microsoft outlook. Due to which you received this PII email error.

When you are using multiple accounts on your outlook of Microsoft, then you may face this blunder. As described earlier, duplicate and multiple accounts disrupt your outlook email servicing.

If your outlook version is pirated, this error may arise. And if there is any suspicious activity in your email account, this type of error may arise. Sometimes, many internet issues raise this type of error. Therefore, you must check the hurdles related to the internet to solve this error.

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Any misconfiguration in your Microsoft outlook may result in PII email errors. In rare cases, viruses may also trigger these PII emails errors. Useless files in your system, and if your outlook version is not compatible with the version of your operating system, this error may arise.


[pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error is not any virus and malware that can’t be resolved. Rather, it is an error code that warns you that there is a problem in your outlook of Microsoft.

By checking SMPT configuration

As described earlier that any misconfiguration in your outlook application can create this type of bug that may irritate you and disrupt your outlook email functioning. Therefore you need to solve this flaw. To do this, attach with us and follow the instruction.

First of all, open the control penal and change the view by too large a category. Then select the mail section in control penal. After this, you see the pop-up screen and search the email accounts. Here you see all emails accounts and select anyone’s email address. When you double-click the email accounts, then click on the more settings.

If username and password are required in SMPT, enter the username and password. You can also skip this step without getting worried. After this, go to the advance tab and check the IMAP and SMPT server port numbers. So if, you don’t know that which port the server uses. Then enter the following port number as a Demo.

  • IMAP: 993
  • SMTP: 465

When you have done this, open Microsoft Outlook and check whether you still face a PII email error or not.

By clearing catch and cookies:

The stock of your catch and cookies files can interact with outlook files and create hindrance in your work and problems like this [pii_email_cbd448bbd34c985e423c] error. If you have already experienced this, you need to remove this from your dashboard screen. To do this, follow the instructions.

Then type control + R on your keyboard to open run dialogue. After this, type “%App Data%“. Then delete all the files present in it. If you get worried about deleting all files, then search the folder outlook and delete the folder. After doing this, check the Microsoft Outlook whether you received the PII email error or not. You can also delete the local app data by the same method.

By installing Microsoft outlook:                                  

Your Microsoft Outlook may be, pirated and some files of your Microsoft Outlook might be, corrupted. Therefore, it’s your basic need to uninstall and reinstall the official one. If you don’t know that how to do this? Then follow the instructions.

Open the control penal, then go to the features and programs. After this, double click on office 365. And install the latest version of the outlook application from the Microsoft Office official website. Then create a new account and add it to Microsoft Office. And check whether you still face the error or not.

By updating Microsoft outlook application:

It is reported by the active users of the Outlook of Microsoft that many times this error is resolved by updating Microsoft Outlook. Therefore update your Microsoft outlook application if you already have the updated version. Then suggested that uninstall and reinstall the outlook application it may resolve your application.

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