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Resolve Error [pii_pn_8a68e8c174733080624b] Fixed

Microsoft Outlook has many features, due to which it is well-liked. No doubt there is much application for this tasking, but people paid to use the Outlook of Microsoft. As Gmail is brace by Google, and yahoo mail is propped up by yahoo, and the same as Outlook launch by Microsoft office. These applications use for email tasking.

Customers and online workers want a platform that is favored and secure. For this, customers liked to use the Outlook of Microsoft. Microsoft office provides the best services to their customers, and their privacy policy is marvelous. Therefore customers know that, when they are using the Outlook of Microsoft, then their data via emails remain private and safely transferred to the desired account.

Microsoft Outlook is a well-liked application, but there are some defects also in it. Sometimes when you are continuing your work smoothly. Instantly you have to face the PII email error on your dashboard screen.

PII emails errors come up on our dashboard screen when any technical issue, occurred in your outlook application. Among these this [pii_pn_8a68e8c174733080624b] is the simplest one.

It seems to be a technical issue and difficult to remove, but it does not like this. It happens when your Outlook application does not perform well. It means that there is something wrong with your application.

Once it comes up on your screen, it stops your work. And block the incoming emails even you do not view them in your account. Therefore your first need is to resolve it hurriedly to start your work again. When you know its causes, then you can resolve this error [pii_pn_8a68e8c174733080624b]. If you want to know its causes and solution, then read the whole article.


It is a technical issue, but it can resolve when its causes are displayed. And its genesis is here to describe it. Which are the following.

  1. If your Outlook account is full of unwanted caches, you may face this type of PII email error. Because these files may interact with other files and disturb your email functioning.
  2. If you run many accounts in your Outlook application, you will gain this error. It is the most important and common reason behind this type of error.
  3. And if your Outlook application update is still pending, it may become a cause of this error. For its proper function, it requires updates. Therefore this error comes up on your dashboard screen.
  4. If there are many applications on your computer for the same tasking, you may get this error. Because these applications can contaminate the work of other applications and disturb their normal function.
  5. If you have some mistake in Outlook installing process, then you may face this error. And maybe some files skip in many steps due to your little mistake.
  6. Sometimes viruses and malware also become the causes of this error.
  7. Internet issues also take part in this type of PII email errors. To avoid this, you need to resolve and check all your internet server complications.
  8. If you are not using the web-based version, you may get this error. Because a web-based version continues to protect the Outlook account from these types of flaws.
  9. Any conflict of Microsoft outlook with a different application of your computer can raise this issue.
  10. Any flaw in your SMTP server or port can create this type of fallacy. Therefore you need to check the SMTP server setting to resolve this.
  11. If your Outlook application does not install from the outlook office official website, then maybe your outlook application is cracked or hacked. Due to this, you may face this error.
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PII emails errors when displayed on your dashboard screen then it blocks your emails to send and receive even not to view them. And it pops up on the screen arbitrarily and disturbs you. It will make your whole day restless. Therefore you need to resolve this error first. For this, we describe some easy methods which are following.

Cleared catch and cookies of application

Sometimes your superabundance collection of unwanted files in catch and cookies can create a disturbance for you. Therefore you need to clear all data to continue your work by removing this error. For this, you need to do

In this method, you have to open your system, then click on the window icon. Here you can see several options and choose to run from them. And type control + R will take you to run the dialogue box. After this type of local app data and hit on the ok. If you are not sure to clear all data, type the folder name and lucid it. When you have done this, refresh first and, then try to send an email again from your outlook account to check whether you still have this error or not.

Update the application

The updating of the application does not affect the setting. But in some cases, it may prove effective. Especially in your case, you must try this method and update your outlook application. For this, you need to do

Open your Microsoft store and hit on the download and updates. Then find the outlook application and view if any update is pending click on the update. When you have done the update of the application, restart your desktop, and open the Outlook application. And check whether you still experience this flaw or not.

Change the SMTP server

Sometimes any misconfiguration in your SMTP system may raise this error [pii_pn_8a68e8c174733080624b]. Therefore you need to set your SMTP port or server to resolve this fallacy and continue your work. For this, you need to

Visit the outlook application and hit on the file. Which appears on the top left of your Outlook home screen. Then go to the accounts penal information and choose the email account. Then hit on the account setting. Which appears on the email, then selects the server setting. Here you can view the SMTP server or port. If you feel something wrong here, change the important setting and set the port. After this, tap on the ok and save your server setting.

When you have done this, refresh your system and again open the outlook application and check whether you still have this error or not.

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