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Scott Cavalheiro Movies, Age, Height, Affairs And Net Worth

Scott Cavalheiro is a Canadian actor, writer, and producer, well-known for his acting in Schitt’s Creek (2015), Mary Kills People (2017), and The Indian Detective (2017). Scott was born on 18 June 1987 in Bradford, Ontario, Canada. Scott is one of the most famous and talented actors in Canada.

Scott Cavalheiro Personal Info

Scott Cavalheiro was born on 18 June 1987, and he is around 34 years old as of 2022. Scott belongs to Christianity, his birth sign is Gemini, and his nationality is Canadian. His height is above 5 feet 7 inches, and his weight is around 54 kg or above. Scott belongs to the white ethnicity and has short black hair, and his eye color is brown, which increases his beauty, and makes him different.

Scott Cavalheiro Family and Relationship

Scott Cavalheiro has been in a relationship with Claire Stollery for more than three years, and in 2017, they both got married, and they have no child at all.

Scott didn’t share any information about his parents and siblings on screen.

Scott Cavalheiro Early Life and Education

Scott Cavalheiro was born and grew up in Bradford, and he completed his early education at a local school from there. Scott was passionate about acting from childhood, and he wanted to be an actor. After his early education, he attended the University of Windsor, and he took a degree in Bachelor of Fine Arts Acting from there.

After his graduation, Scott participated in many theatres, like Shakespeare, where he played short roles and polished his acting skills. He worked very hard and learned acting skills properly through experiences.

After hardworking, Scott finally got a role in a television series, Body Language, in 2008, from where his acting career began. Later he worked in many films and television series as an actor, writer, and producer and became successful.

Scott Cavalheiro Work

Scott Cavalheiro started his work as an actor in 2008, but he made his appearance through his second TV series, Forbidden Science, in 2009. Scott worked in many films, shorts, and television series, and here is the list of his work.

  1. Body Language (2008).
  2. Forbidden Science (2009).
  3. Ghostly Encounters (2009).
  4. White Collar Criminals (2009).
  5. Truth, Lies in Charlie (2009).
  6. Time to Fire Your Agent (2009).
  7. Cra$h & Burn (2010).
  8. Daylight Savings (2010).
  9. Flashpoint (2011).
  10. Alphas (2012).
  11. Saving Hope (2012).
  12. Friendzone (2012).
  13. Anything Goes (2012).
  14. A Man Is a Man Is a Man (2013).
  15. Air Crash Investigation (2013).
  16. Shelly (2013).
  17. Satisfaction (2013).
  18. The Bird Men (2013).
  19. Hemlock Grove (2014).
  20. The Scarehouse (2014).
  21. In the Meat House (2014).
  22. Space Janitors (2014).
  23. Lost Girl (2014).
  24. Man Seeking Woman (2015).
  25. The Craft: Based on the Life & Work of H.P. Lovecraft (2015).
  26. On the Twelfth Day of Christmas (2015).
  27. True Dating Stories (2016).
  28. Love in the Age of Like (2016).
  29. The Epitaph (2016).
  30. Rough Hands (2016).
  31. Copspeak (2016).
  32. Ransom (2017).
  33. Love of My Life (2017).
  34. What Would Sal Do? (2017).
  35. Epic Studios (2017).
  36. Kill Order (2017).
  37. Must Kill Karl (2017).
  38. The Indian Detective (2017).
  39. Happy First Birthday, Lucretia (2017).
  40. Schitt’s Creek (2018).
  41. In Contempt (2018).
  42. Christmas with a View (2018).
  43. No Sleep ‘Til Christmas (2018).
  44. Mary Kills People (2019).
  45. Volcano (2019).
  46. Hudson & Rex (2019).
  47. Resolve (2019).
  48. Carter (2019).
  49. The Wedding Planners (2020).
  50. Anything for Jackson (2020).
  51. Avocado Toast the series (2020).
  52. Good Witch (2021).

Scott also worked as a producer and writer, and here is the list of his work.

  1. Anything for Jackson (2020).
  2. Take Your Mark (2018).
  3. The Epitaph (2016).
  4. Love in the Age of Like (2016).
  5. Off the Menu (2015).
  6. Who Is Hannah? (2015).
  7. Sex on the Street TV (2013).
  8. Sweat (2012).

Scott Cavalheiro Net Worth

Scott Cavalheiro is an actor, writer, and producer, and it is the only source of his income. Scott’s net worth is approximately $1 million or round above, which is a good amount of money.

Scott Cavalheiro Twitter

Scott Cavalheiro is active on Twitter, where he posts his photos, videos, and words. Scott has more than 2.5k followers on his Twitter account.

Some Facts About Scott Cavalheiro

Here are some facts about Scott Cavalheiro.

  • Scott is around 34 years old, and he celebrates his birthday on 18 June.
  • Scott gained fame through his role in Schitt’s Creek in 2015.
  • Scott also has his website, where he uploaded content about himself.
  • Scott married Claire Stollery in 2017, and they have no child.
  • Scott’s nationality is Canadian, and his net worth is above $1 million.