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Simple Rules for a Proper Lesbian Hookup

Becoming a marvelous lover for your lesbian hookup partners takes time and practice. But how can you get practice if you don’t know how to hook up? That’s a tricky question! But fret not, for all the newly minted lesbians out there as well as those veterans who want to learn something new, we prepared a small yet effective guide on how to have an unforgettable hookup with the hot girl of your dreams.

1. Getting Started: Approaching Your Lesbian Crush

When it comes to casual dating, the first thing you must think of is not your looks or performance in bed – far from it. Because why would you care about your sex skills at all if you don’t even know where to get dates? That being said, let’s start from the basics. Provide yourself with a stable source of single lesbians ready to hook up. Sounds easier than done, you might think. But not for a modern person! Think about it: in today’s world, we can do wonders using one small device – our smartphone. So why waste such a gift in vain? To arrange a lesbian hookup online, it’s enough to open a dating site on a device of your choice and dive into a world of potential matches from all over the world.

When dating online, it’s also a lot easier to get dates for those lesbians who came out recently and don’t have enough courage to pick someone up directly. You just pick a girl that looks the most attractive to you, send her a flirty message to see if there’s a mutual interest, and start communicating through direct messages to the point when it’s time to meet for a hookup. Online dating provides an endless source of single women who want nothing but no-strings fun, making it a perfect way of seeking dates for those who pursue casual dating goals.

2. First Kiss Isn’t Always Easy to Get: Here’s How to Do It Right

The thrill of kissing a new person for the first time is well-known to all of us, regardless of gender or sexuality. No matter if we talk about casual dating where no feelings are involved, we still feel excited. But it happens that even if you chat with a girl for some time, meet for dates, and she seems interested in you, nothing happens. Is she playing with you? Or maybe she tries to get you to fall in love with her? It depends, but most likely, she just wants to warm things up. Or – which is even more likely – she tries to get to know you better prior to trusting you with her body.

Regardless, you’ll have to win that first kiss if you want to hook up with her. Dating experts from around the world have already written many articles on this topic, so we won’t discuss the obvious aspects known to everyone. Instead, here’s a piece of advice you’ll need to ensure she gives in immediately.

Confidence is key. But it doesn’t mean you must play an alpha woman, grab and kiss her the way you want. Being confident means knowing what you want and talking about it out loud. The next time you meet, take her hand in yours, get closer, look deep into her eyes, and say as gently as possible, “I want to kiss you so bad, can I do that?” Or, if you need a version for shy lesbians, “Can I get a kiss, please?” Trust us – nothing makes you appear more attractive than an honest statement of what you want, especially when your desires include her.

3. How to Make Her Feel Good in Bed: A Woman’s View

In ancient Greece, lesbian sexual intercourse was called “Tribbing,” which literally means “to rub.” In English, “Tribadism” still refers to a lesbian sex technique in which both women rub their genitals together and thus achieve climax (scissoring). Of course, when two women have sex, there is no penetration in the classical sense where a man is required. That’s why women have to be creative here. And they are! So why don’t you try this technique next time you hook up with some girl? If you’re afraid of doing something wrong, don’t be intimidated; as a woman yourself, you can benefit from knowledge about the female body. You know exactly what works well, how, and where, so why would you think her body is built any differently?

No matter what people say, lesbian sex can be very diverse, so you definitely have more than one option. If so-called “scissoring” seems too complex for you, try to please her orally. Gaining pleasure with the mouth, lips, and tongue is very important in lesbian techniques: kissing, licking, nibbling, or sucking – the list is endless! It includes all zones and parts of the body and, of course, also means oral sex. But if you want it to be a positive experience, you’ll have to communicate throughout the whole process to understand how to make her feel good.

Surely many think that in lesbian sex, penetration would somehow be missing if there’s no man included. However, this is not the case. Because, contrary to numerous prejudices, penetration is an integral part of lesbian intimate life. And you don’t need a male for that. Use your fingers and tongue, or simply order a couple of adult toys, and you’ll open a whole new world of endless possibilities. You can try them with your hookup partners in so many different ways, just make sure both participants are good with the fact of using them.

With all being said, are you ready to become a lesbian hookup guru? We hope so because there are so many hot girls waiting for you! Don’t hesitate to apply the pieces of advice you discovered today, and have fun.