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Sketch and Drawing Ideas Inspired by Real Life

Drawing Ideas

Many people like drawing and, of course, not all of them are professional artists of drawing ideas. In this case, the question often arises. You get bored in front of a white sheet of paper and wonder where to start. Don’t worry; this happens to even the most seasoned artists. As with any other creative endeavor, everyone goes through some blocks when they can’t decide what to portray. 

It is best to have a few simple sketching ideas ready at hand to overcome the initial stupor. Then you can immediately start landscape drawing ideas and focus on the process itself, and not on long reflections and painful choice of an object or composition.

Some simple sketching ideas:

  • The interior of your room;
  • Self-portrait;
  • A family photo that you like;
  • Your legs or arms.
  • A bracelet, ring or another piece of jeweler – try combining them into a still life;
  • Your pet;
  • Indoor plant;
  • Fresh bouquet;
  • Trees outside the window;
  • The facade of your favorite building
  • Your favorite shoes;
  • Fresh fruit cut in half (citrus fruits work well)
  • House keys on crucial fob;
  • An unusual item from the shelf;
  • Your favorite wild animal;
  • Someone’s head, rear view;
  • The landscape that you love;
  • Any object in glassware;
  • Any item of clothing on you.

What to draw in a sketchbook – 20 drawing ideas?

Practice is an essential part of developing your drawing skills. Drawing ideas are the only way to improve and reinforce any skill. Just imagine what a few years of practice can do. After spending some time on constant training, you will see some incredible progress. Moreover, moving from simple sketches to the image of more complex portraits and landscapes does not take so much time.

So, when you pick up an album or think about it, it is often helpful to start with some clues that have clear boundaries or are just imaginative enough to turn on the imagination. Using just three or four words as a starting point.

Draw an excellent and detailed sketch

  • No one knows for sure what exactly can captivate drawing ideas. Therefore, a great way to understand what you like to draw the most is consistently translating several completely different ideas on paper with a pencil. And already knowing what you want even at the sketching stage, you can more thoughtfully approach the other choice of topics for serious work. What to draw in a sketchbook on different topics, a list of 20 ideas:
  • Imagine your jungle. What kind of animals will be there? Will they be friends?
  • Immerse yourself deep in the water. What do you see?
  • Imagine that you are standing on the roof of a tall building. 
  • What kind of puppies can you find in the dog park? What will they do with each other?
  • Ride an imaginary bike across the field. What wildflowers and herbs have you encountered?
  • Draw the interiors of an unusual dollhouse.
  • Draw a room full of potted houseplants.
  • What are your dream clothes?
  • Recreate your favorite food on paper.
  • Imagine a house in the woods. What does he look like, and what’s around?
  • Imagine that you have discovered a new kind of insect. How many legs do they have?
  • Draw life on another planet.
  • What would your house look like if it were underground?
  • Draw someone’s portrait, but instead of a head – flowers.
  • Create your terrarium. What will be inside?
  • Draw a self-portrait with your left (for left-handers, right) hand.
  • So, draw something tiny, enlarging it several times.
  • Draw any character from the last book you read.

Exercises to train drawing skills

If your artistic skills still leave much to be desired, and the desire to draw has already woken up, exercises for beginners are suitable for you.

. First, we start drawing ideas with geometric primitives (lines, curves, etc.), then move to two-dimensional and three-dimensional shapes. And later, having filled your hand on simple forms, you will be ready to draw objects, plants, and animals based on them.

The main feature of the exercises is in the “how to draw” options. By adding options for resizing, rotating, color, shading, and not neglecting repetitions, you solidify the essential skills that will come in handy later in drawing ideas something more complex.

Generator of ideas for drawing online

In the same case, when you have already more or less mastered the basics of drawing and, perhaps, even developed your style, the question “how to draw” becomes less relevant than “what to draw”. By this time, finding an idea for a drawing for daily practice can sometimes become a real problem.

And here, when there is no longer enough imagination, but you want to draw, or there is a question of what to draw, when it’s boring, a generator of ideas for drawing comes to the rescue. It offers a wide variety of plots that are great for daily sketching or help you break out of the box and try something new. It doesn’t make much sense to draw the very first idea he creates. Keep generating until you find one that catches your eye and elicits an emotional response.

An idea generator helps artists grow and enjoy practice and experimentation. Drawing ideas that do not bring joy and satisfaction is simply dull and can quickly get bored. Therefore, develop your artistic ability through regular practice with access to millions of random drawing ideas that inspire inspiration and interest.