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Slots Battle: Online Slots vs Offline Slots

Slots can be played at traditional land-based casinos or at the vast number of online casinos that are available across the internet. Where you decide to play, all depends on your personal taste and whether you prefer gambling to be a social experience or a solitary one – also play Mustang Gold.

Slot machines first appeared at land-based casinos, but advances in technology have brought these games into the homes of millions of people, courtesy of the internet, but which version is the best? 

Online Slots 

If you don’t mind gambling in solitude, then online slots offer privacy, as you can gamble in an environment of your choosing. You can also gamble on the go thanks to mobile slots sites that can be accessed on devices such as smartphones. The choice of games is much larger online because many games can be conveniently stored on an online platform than at a land-based slots casino, all this can be done with very little extra cost to the slots site. This means players get the widest choice of slots and all the new games as well. You can spin games from 1p to £200 and you can play the games in demo mode first. This helps you work out the complexities of each individual game and you can also decide if a game is really for you, before you play with real cash. 

RTP and House Edge 

The RTP score of online slots is higher than land-based casinos and the house edge is lower. Online casinos still hold an advantage over punters, but it is lower than the land-based casino advantage. 

Offline Slots 

If you are a regular visitor to casinos and other gambling establishments, then you would have experienced the changes of physical slots machines first-hand, especially if you are in your late forties upwards. These machines have moved from the one-armed bandits that were lever-activated, to the digital machines that are filled with animations and other digital imagery synonymous with modern-day technology. Obviously, the new digital slots have enhanced player experience and added extra layers such as bonuses and special features to many slot games. 

A Night Out 

When it comes to playing slot machines at casinos, you can do so with friends and you are always actually interacting with a real machine. You are also far more likely to be aware of the amount of money you are spending on these machines because of this. If you win large amounts an assistant comes and helps with the pay out, so budgeting and banking winnings are easier to accomplish. Offline slots tend to have a lower RTP score than online slots, so the land-based house edge is larger, and this helps to pay for the higher casino overheads that come with bricks and mortar establishments. 

·       Online slots offer better game choice and have all the new releases 

·       The RTP score of online slots is higher 

·   Offline slots offer punters a night out and make gambling a more social leisure activity.

Final Thoughts 

For a more social experience, land-based slots are best, but for winning, online slots have the edge.