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Susie Cusack Movies, Age, Height, Affairs And Net Worth 

Susie Cusack is a retired American actress, well-known for her spectacular acting in Short Cuts (1993), Not Again! (1996), and High Fidelity (2000). Susie was born in 1971 in Evanston, Illinois, United States. Susie is one of the most famous and talented actresses of the 90s in the United States who retired now.

Susie Cusack Personal Info

Susie Cusack was born in 1971, and she is around 51 years old as of 2022. Susie belongs to Christianity, her nationality is American, and there is no information about her birth sign. Her height is above 5 feet 4 inches, and her weight is around 62 kg or above. Susie belongs to the Irish ethnicity and has short blonde hair, and her eye color is light green, which increases her beauty and makes her different.

Susie Cusack Family and Relationship

Susie Cusack is the daughter of former American actor and filmmaker Dick Cusack and Ann Paula Cusack, and she has four siblings. Susie’s siblings belong to the film industry, as his two brothers, John Cusack and Bill Cusack, are also actors. Her two sisters, Ann Cusack, and Joan Cusack are American actresses.

Susie Cusack Early Life and Education

Susie Cusack was born and grew up in Evanston. She completed her early education at a local school from there and done her graduation from a renowned university in the United States. Susie was passionate about acting and filming from childhood and wanted to be an actress because she belongs to an actor’s family.

After graduation, Susie worked on her acting and performing skills and worked very hard. She learned acting skills from her father and siblings and polished them by practicing.

After working hard, Susies finally got a role in a movie, Accidental Hero, in 1992, from where her acting career began. Later, Susies played many roles in films and television series and gained a lot of appreciation for her work.

Susie Cusack Work

Susie Cusack started her work as an actress in 1992 through her first movie, Accidental Hero. Susie worked on more than five film projects, and here is the list of her work.

  1. Susie played the role of Donna in Accidental Hero (1992).
  2. Susie played the role of Nancy in Short Cuts (1993).
  3. Susie played the role of Angie in Not Again! (1996).
  4. Susie played the role of Guest in High Fedelity (2000).
  5. Susie played the role of Shelley in Chicken Soup for the Soul (2000).
  6. Susie played the role of Susie in The Company (2003).

Susie Cusack Net Worth

Susie Cusack was an actress, and it was the only source of her income. Susie’s net worth was approximately $200k or above when she was active.

Some Facts About Susie Cusack

Here are some facts about Susie Cusack.

  • Susie is around 51 years old as of 2022.
  • Susie gained fame through her role in Short Cuts in 1993.
  • Susie belongs to an actor’s family, as his father and siblings are well-known American actors.
  • Susie started work as an actress in 1992, and she stopped acting in 2003.
  • Susie’s nationality is American, and her net worth was above $200k.