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The amazing Asif Iqbal

It is not unusual to see former cricket players that later decided to pursue a career as a referee. The betting platform can be used to wager on many things that happen in the field related to both players and referees.

Asif Iqbal is a former Pakistani cricket player and also a referee. He had a great career that lasted between 1959 and 1982. During that time, he played on squads like:

  • Hyderabad;
  • Karachi;
  • Pakistan International Airlines;
  • Kent;
  • and also the National Bank of Pakistan.

Many of those squads are still active, and can be wagered on the 1xBet site. It should be noted that Iqbal had a particularly great career in England. He played on the Kent County Cricket Club between 1968 and 1982, where he delivered great performances when playing in the County Championship.

A multi-functional player

Iqbal was a player capable of performing multiple duties on the field. For example, he performed as an all-rounder. However, he was also a right-handed batsman. If that’s not all, he was quite a talented pace bowler that did a great job with his right arm. The best cricket betting offers lots of possible outcomes where punters can wager on different all-rounders.

Iqbal’s versatility took him all over the world. For example, after starting his cricket career in Pakistan, and after successful years in the English County Championship, he went to the World Series Cricket. In this competition, he delivered some great performances for the World XI team. Some cricket betting on 1xBet can be done on lots of different competitions that are celebrated in various places throughout the world.

Improving his batting

Unfortunately, Asif Iqbal started to suffer many back problems during his career. However, rather than seeing this as a problem, he used this as an opportunity. This is because he decided to concentrate much more on developing his batting abilities. Some great cricket odds 1xBet are also available to wager on the best batters that cricket has to offer.

Prior to these back issues, while he was still a competent batter, he was normally in the lower part of the batting order. However, Iqbal was quite disciplined in improving his technique, so much so that he slowly started to climb up the ranks. Thanks to his determination, he was also considered among the starting batsmen for the Pakistani national team. The cricket odds on the 1xBet website are also great when wagering on the Pakistani national squad.