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The main types of bets on football

There are a lot of options for betting on football. For this reason, gamblers can take advantage of a variety of strategies to increase the odds of receiving payouts when making sports bets. The simplest and most obvious option for beginners is to bet on the main outcomes of the match. Here are the victories of each of the teams, as well as the tie. Football is a sport where a tie remains the most likely when compared to ice hockey, boxing, or other disciplines. By choosing a reliable bookmaker, you can be confident that soccer betting with Bitcoin on major outcomes will occur with the highest quotes. The Sportsbet bookmaker has many years of experience, thanks to which it managed to create a reliable platform and maximize the range of sports in the line. Each player will be able to make a bet in which the chances of winning will be maximum.

Another interesting betting option in football is format 12. Many players have no idea what this option means. The 12 bet format means that the first or second team will win, but there will not be a draw in the match. That is, the player will receive a win in any case if the winner is determined in the match. Also, the main outcomes include a strong-willed victory in the match. This betting format is not very common and means that the match should be won by the team that lagged for most of the meeting, but managed to turn the tide in the last minutes.

What football betting bets can bookmakers offer?

Considering the popular soccer betting with Bitcoin, the following options are worth noting

handicap bet

bet on total

a bet on the winner in the first or second half.

Handicap in matches can be negative or positive. With a plus handicap, they bet on the outsider, and the minus one is chosen when the bet is made on the likely winner. Why are handicap bets needed? If there is a clear favorite in the match, then the minimum quotes will be set for his victory. Players who do not want to risk betting on an outsider, and at the same time do not want to lose the opportunity to hit the jackpot, can choose a handicap bet. For example, the minus rate is -1.5. These soccer betting with Bitcoin will come in if the team wins with a margin of 2 goals or more. That is, the victory of the chosen club does not matter if it has not secured a solid handicap for itself. It is easy to see that such a betting format is riskier, but if they win, the players will receive a solid reward.

Total in football matches assumes that the player will be able to predict the exact number of goals that both teams will be able to score. Here it is imperative to consider the importance of the match for the clubs, as well as the style of play they adhere to. So attacking clubs are more likely to hit the total more, and when two defending teams meet, it is worth betting on the total less.