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The Most Effective Total Gym Workouts That Experts Recommend

When you are working out in the gym, there are a few total gym workouts that are recommended for you. These incredible workouts can provide a fantastic foundation for your fitness no matter your fitness goals. With total gym workouts, you can help your body to gain strength fast, tone your muscles and maximize your time. As per the total gym fit Canada experts, these muscles provide amazing effects for everyone no matter your fitness goals.


This workout targets the calves, core stabilization and ensures that stamina or cardiovascular strength is improved. It also targets muscles on the upper legs that include glutes, hamstrings, and quads. 

a). Lunge:

Stand at the lower base of your Total Gym and put one of your feet on the glide board. Bend the standing leg to 90 degrees, while keeping the knee in the same line as the opposing leg. Make sure that the opposite leg’s toes remain straight, and can move the glide board upwards with the rails. 

b). Curtsey:

Get into a curtsey lunge using your leg that is on the glide board. But ensure that all your knees are externally rotated to be in the same line as the toes. You can repeat this movement by doing another lateral lunge and then followed by another curtsey lounge for the required number of reps on every leg.

You can increase the weight and pulses for added resistance.

2. Push-up, pike-up & frog pulses

This is a low incline exercise that targets the legs, core, shoulders, and triceps. Also best for building hamstrings, lower lumbar, and glutes.

For starters, face the tower and take a plant position on your glide board. You do this by positioning your shoulders on top of your wrists and legs extended.

a). Pushup:  

Complete 1 to 5 pushups.


When in the plant position, extend your hands and legs and pike your hips upwards and complete 1-5 pikeups.

c). Frog Pulses: 

Frog pulses is the third and final part of this exercise and works into the glutes, lower back, and hamstrings. Position your body on the glide board with your hips facing downwards, and your chest lifted slightly. For proper support, you can hold to the top section of the glide board.


The Step up Leg Abduction targets leg muscles such as the glutes, quads, hamstrings, and also the ankle and calf balance.

a). Step Up leg: 

Look the opposite direction from the tower, put one foot on the glide board, starting with halfway up. Move the other leg to the side to work your outer thigh.

b). Abduction: 

On the next repetition, sweep your legs across the “step-up leg” and this helps to work your inner thigh. Repeat this procedure by alternating the inner and outer leg lifts. Do this work out on both sides. Increase the challenge by adopting a higher incline position which will demand more strength.


Total Gym workouts are general workouts that target a wider selection of muscles in your body and are best for everyone. Before you start exercises that target specific muscles in your body, Total Gym Workouts are the best choices to go for.