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Tips for Obtaining an Online Medical Certificate for Your Employer

After becoming unwell, a simple conversation often isn’t enough for an employer. Rather than being awkward, employers normally need paperwork in the shape of medical certificates to activate your leave and offer other help. Without the right certificate, your employer cannot authorise your absence and this can lead to many problems.

With this in mind, you might wonder how you can obtain a quick medical certificate for your employer? As you probably know, waiting times for doctor appointments only seem to be growing and sometimes even getting to a medical facility is difficult with certain health issues. Thankfully, there are solutions, and the first is to get an online medical certificate with Instant Consult.

Every year, more services launch in this niche and the idea is to connect people in need with GPs virtually. Despite the many competitors, Instant Consult is one of the most reliable and professional services around. Don’t worry, you aren’t somehow cheating the system and you cannot get a medical certificate if it isn’t warranted.

If the appointment is deemed appropriate, you’ll connect with a fully qualified GP for a virtual consultation. Depending on the problem, you may even get connected within just 15 minutes. As well as advice, you can get the documentation you need to pass on to your employer. Ultimately, the amount you pay depends on whether you qualify for Medicare as well as several other factors.

Despite the positives, it’s important to note that online services cannot offer a University Form, Work Cover Certificate, Fit for Work Medical Clearance Certificate, Gym Cancellation Certificate, or a Centrelink Certificate. Unfortunately, these certificates require a physical appointment and therefore cannot take place virtually.

What’s more, online services will not backdate medical certificates. Consequently, it’s important to act quickly. Generally speaking, Instant Consult offers certificates for up to three days. If you have an illness or health problem that requires a medical certificate, this is now one of the most effective and efficient solutions available.

The important detail to note about Instant Consult is that it offers a team of qualified professionals. As long as you have a device that offers video calling features, you can use the service for an online medical certificate. Also, it’s important to note that those who would not get a medical certificate from a physical appointment also won’t get one from a virtual appointment. All GPs have many years of experience and have a strong reputation in the industry as members of the ACCRM and RACGP.

The good news is that services of this nature don’t require a bank loan just to access. In many cases, the appointments start at just $35. In addition to medical advice, the team of specialised GPs can also request referrals and help with online prescriptions.

If you want to go through the traditional route, be aware that you will need to wait for some time. Unfortunately, GP offices around the country are inundated with appointment requests every day. Try to keep an open line of communication with the doctor’s office and see if they offer any online services. Often, this can be the difference between waiting several days and getting a certificate within hours.

Thanks to the pandemic, more professionals are offering virtual appointments, so this could play in your favour. However, the long waiting lists remain. Therefore, consider using a service like Instant Consult for speedy assistance and the medical certificate that you need!