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Tips To Make Sex More Pleasureful

You do sex to have pleasure. And when you do not get it, you feel frustrated. Therefore you should communicate openly with your partner about what you like and dislike during sex, what gives you more pleasure and what does not.

If you have problems with your sexual life, you should not feel shy discussing them. Firstly tell your partner about it. In this way, you both can find a solution to the problem. However, if you both can not find any solution for it, make sure to visit the healthcare provider. You must tell them all the complaints you have about your sex life without feeling embarrassed. Sexual problems are just like any other health condition. You need not feel bad about it. Consulting with the doctor can help pave a solution to your problem. To get an expert opinion, you can visit a sexologist in Lahore.

Who does not like to have more and more pleasure added to their sex so that it becomes even more enjoyable? As time passes by, sex may become a routine for you. An activity that was once special for you becomes mechanical. It might be disturbing. Therefore you must keep on trying different tips that can help make your sex life more interesting than before. Here in this article, we will tell you some of them that can help kindle a spark of pleasure in your sex life.

Tips that can help make sex more pleasureful are:

Try Something Different

As a couple, try to push boundaries. Try something new. Changing places can also be good for your sex life. Instead of using the bed all the time, lie on the floor, and go to the bathroom or kitchen. Changing new places can help make sex interesting.

You both can also read an intimate love story or read an adult magazine that arouses you both.

More And More Foreplay

Heading towards sex directly may lower its charm. When you do that slowly, it becomes more pleasurable. Touch each other in different ways. Snuggling under the bedsheet, helping each other get undressed, and kissing different body parts of each other can make sex more and more interesting. More than the act, sex is an emotion that needs to be enjoyed and lived. When you do that slowly by exchanging those romantic looks, it becomes meaningful. You must not do it just to satisfy each other’s needs, but to enjoy to the core.

Schedule Time

Many people do not schedule time for sex. They do it when they get enough time. But when you schedule all other essential activities in your calendar, why do not you plan for a sex night?

When you plan things, your mood is up for it and your mind prepared for it. Not only your mind but your body is also well prepared for it, waiting for the moment to happen.

In your calendars, like all other important activities, you must mark your sexy days and nights, for which you will wait badly. Make sure you are not distracted or busy at that time. Take out the best of the best time for sex as it will not help you feel less stressed only, but will also give you pleasure. Therefore you should take out the time you think you can enjoy the most. However, that does not mean you have to limit your sex episodes. You can do that every day. But make sure you are mentally, emotionally, and physically ready for it.

Work Out

To have long-time sex and better stamina in the bed, you must work out. There is no such limit or recommendation of time for work out for improved sex life. However, do that for at least half an hour a day.



Generally, women’s vaginas have a natural lubrication mechanism. It happens especially during the foreplay. But sometimes, due to hormonal changes, it may not happen to cause painful sex in women. Therefore to avoid it and to make sex more pleasureful, you can use a lubricant for your vaginas so that your penis does not hurt it.

The Bottom Line

If you have any problem with your sex life, you must consult with a doctor. To get an expert opinion, you can visit Islamabad International Hospital.