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Tom Katt Biography


Tom Katt, brooked David Papaleo, is a retired American bodybuilder and gay-pornographic performer. Katt created his gay porn debut in Joe Tiffenbach 1988’s Bullet 11, known as Battle of the Bulges, where he bottomed to Denny Gardner and Tony Davis. Katt would’ after be one of the most famous celebs of gay flicks during the 90s, most favored for his bodybuilder physique.

Katt beat 1993’s Gay Erotic Video Honor; for Best Oral Scene and 1996’s Men in Video Honor for Best Chest. Katt has a role in around five dozen gay-adult flicks traversing his 18-year profession in the adult flick enterprise. In 2006, Katt emerged on Atlanta-based Christian TV, leaving the adult tape world and his homosexuality. Katt also communicated he desired to learn at a seminary. He is 52 years old.

  • Gender: Male
  • Known for: Acting
  • Birthday: 1970-01-21

Tom Katt Bio

Tom evolved world-favored in 2006 when he determined to quit his career as a gay Pornographic flick performer and alter radically by evolving into a Protestant pastor when he sensed the buzz of God. This attribute shocked the whole globe. He was in an association with a gay performer but due to personal blunders, they leave.

He is now rehearsing Christianism with a wifey and; evolving into a preacher. This does not exit his heterosexual wedding in a very; good spot.

Among other things, he has noted that God adores gays and lesbians and; they should have the freedom to wed.

In his knowledge as a gay porn celebrity, he declares So many individuals feel like they are sliced; off from God and that God does not desire to have anything to accomplish with them. I desire to notify as many individuals as I can that this is an absolute lie. God loves us all. He made you just the way you are; don’t let anyone inform you that you are petite in God’s eyes.

Some state this is zero more than a promotion feat, and possibly they are proper.

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1970-01-21 (52 years old)

Place of BirthAtlanta, Georgia, USA

Also Known As:

Thom Payne

Tom Katt

Thom Katt

Thomas Payne

Tom Payne

David Papaleo


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