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Top 4 Most Exciting Theme Parks in Dubai

Dubai is a scenic destination spot that attracts thousands of tourists. Home to umpteen exciting locations, it is a fantastic place , IMG World Dubai where one can indulge in many activities. From tall buildings to pristine beaches, tourists get a gamut of options to explore. Built on the lines of some themes, they are beautifully crafted, including traditional artefacts, rides, posters and other unique activities, giving you the feel of that particular theme. What is most interesting about the theme parks is their build that caters to people from all age groups. And in case you are wondering which theme parks to begin from, here is our pick of the top 4 theme parks to start exploring.

Top 4 Most Exciting Theme Parks in Dubai
  1. Legoland- Some toy series create a profound impact on others, with Legoland being one of them. Aplomb with colours, the park features as many as forty rides, live shows and other attractive spots, making it one of the most charming theme parks for kids. More than 15,000 Lego models are placed here, which is a site to behold and indeed will keep your child engaged. You certainly must plan a trip here. The prices start from 48 USD, and the park is open from 10 am to 6 pm. But there are many options available in terms of weekly, monthly and yearly passes, which can be opted for.

              2. Bollywood Parks- One of the most popular parks in Dubai, Bollywood Park is strictly based on Bollywood, which attracts tourists from far and wide. The entire park replicates the Bollywood ambience with statues and mannequins of famous stars like Shahrukh Khan and Salman Khan. Some sets duplicate the likes of Lagaan, Krrish and other Bollywood movies. The place is populated with rides, roller coasters and other unique activities like live performances and henna artists. Bollywood Park Dubai Ticket Price is also reasonable. It starts from 240 AED for adults and for children the range is between 200 to 210 AED. The package includes the ride to the entire span of the park, including pick and drop options from the hotel. In addition to all this, there are various posters of film stars where you can take pictures and live your dream of Bollywood. The destination is very child friendly, thus ensuring that you have a great family time today.

3. IMG Worlds of Adventure, Dubai- Located in the heart of Dubai, IMG Worlds of Adventure is a great Adventure Park. Located indoors, it is the world’s first mega theme park built indoors, depicting a unique ambience of its own. Sprawling over an area of 1.5 million square feet, the amusement park is located in a very posh location, the Mohammed Bin Zayed Road, the centre of the city. It is an excellent place for children, as it is a cartoon-themed park located near the Global village. Apart from strolling through the gardens and enjoying the rides, there is a range of live shows, movies and lip-smacking food centres, which will keep you engaged throughout the day. Some of the popular franchises can be viewed here, like Frozen, Marvel and Disney.

4. MotionGate- Inspired by the Hollywood theme, MotionGate is yet another theme park that attracts all movie enthusiasts towards it. The ride is inspired by Lionsgate Studios, Dreamworks Animation and Columbia Pictures, giving you a holistic picture of the Hollywood scenario. Many look-alikes are available here, with whom you can take pictures. Some of the famous movie sets and famous artefacts are also available. There are 3-D and

4-D screen theatres that encapsulate highlighting moments in a very movie-like way. Revel here as you soak in the ambience of Hollywood and witness their culture in a make-believe way. Most tourists find this a very relaxing and reasonable spot, knowing that Hollywood itself is a far dream.