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Top 6 Importance of Having Real Estate CRM as A Mobile App

Managing a good client relationship is crucial for the success of a Real Estate Business. After identifying the potential of mobile devices to drive higher engagement, many companies have started adopting mobile Real Estate CRM for reliable and efficient communication between sales agents and customers.

Mobile gadgets have become increasingly popular with today’s tech-savvy customers. As per Counterpoint Research, India’s smartphone shipment grew 11% year-on-year to reach 169 million units in 2021. Another research by eMarketer reveals that smartphone users spend 88% of their time using apps, not browsers. This has prompted the Real Estate industry to follow suit and embrace the power of real-time data on mobile devices.

The recent years have seen rapid growth in mobile Real Estate CRM apps, with most of them focusing on sales, marketing, and advertising. These apps offer the Real Estate businesses many competitive advantages in terms of greater visibility and higher customer satisfaction. Let’s look at some of the significant benefits of mobile CRM apps for Real Estate businesses.

Importance of having Real Estate CRM as a Mobile App

1. Stay Connected At All Times

Unlike desktop CRMs, a mobile CRM provides agents with full access to their customers on the go. It helps track leads and manage relationships anywhere, anytime. Your team has 24*7 access to critical customer information, including purchase history, pricing, contact information, and address. With leads and inventory at their fingertips, your sales teams can grab any sales opportunity, even if they arrive unannounced.

With a mobile CRM app, you can further sort your leads and customers into different categories based on their requirements, preferences, and background, etc. Such features enable you to personalize pitches and recommendations to increase your sales.

Besides, the app also sends out timely reminders so that the agents never miss an appointment and are always on schedule. The agents will be notified as soon as a new lead or task is assigned.

2. Quickly Share Information

Since everyone inputs customer information on the same central database, a mobile CRM will always give you the most updated client detail. Furthermore, you can access all this information from your mobile phone in real-time, even when out of the office.

Further, agents in the field collect various documents from customers, such as KYC forms or invoices. A mobile CRM app allows them to share such documents from any location for fast processing quickly.

Such efficiency directly translates to increased customer satisfaction.

Mobile apps benefit not just sales representatives but managers too. It provides them with an on-demand field report enabling them to stay updated about the deal proceedings from the office. With increased vigilance and improved insights, managers will be able to identify and respond to possible issues before they arise.

3. A Single Software Investment

With a mobilereal estate CRM, you can manage your prospects, contacts, clients, and transaction in a single software. The single database makes it easier to find customers’ data, past conversations, and interactions when needed. Further, Real Estate companies can save their investment cost in multiple software when a single software meets all their needs.

4. Cloud-Based Features to Keep Data Secure

Security is a major concern for any Real Estate business using a web-based information storage system. Cloud-based mobile apps have higher security levels than a local IT room. Besides, cloud CRMs also offer advanced backup policies and have clear recovery plans in place in case of a data breach. This ensures that you never lose another sale to misplaced or under-utilized data again.

5. Stay Connected to Customers

Real Estate CRM with mobile appsis loaded with interactive features. They have live chats, text messages, email, and call features integrated into the app itself so you can stay in constant contact with your clients. Not to forget the push notification feature with which you can promote a newly launched scheme or any discount on your properties. The app users can get the notification directly on their phones without having to open the app.

Your interactions with your customers need to be double-sided. As you provide them with information about your property, you should also keep the avenue open for feedback. A mobile Real Estate CRM facilitates easy input from customers. This gives you a chance to better understand the needs of your customers and improve your services accordingly.

6. Easy Site Navigation for Site Visits

Mobile CRM apps are designed to be location-centric for easier navigation. Integrated with GPS and google maps, they make it easier for clients to get the details of all property listings near them. With the location feature, they can easily find appointments and open houses without any trouble. This enhances the user experience as they can see properties even when out of home or on a drive.


Real Estate CRM as Mobile App is an excellent tool for agents to increase sales and improve customer satisfaction. It helps them do more with their Real Estate business even on the move. Sell.Do, a complete end-to-end Real Estate CRM software, offers a mobile version that can vastly improve your productivity and efficiency. Our intuitive app allows your team to close sales deals anywhere, even on the go. Request a demo today to find out all the features of one of the best CRM apps for Real Estate.