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Top 7 Best Cordless Drill Under $50: 2022 Buying Guide

You owe yourself to invest in a set of proper tools if you plan to start a project around the house. After you’ve gathered the essentials, such as a hammer, level, tape measure, wrenches, ratchets, and an ever-expanding socket set, you’ll need power tools, one of which is the cordless drill. It has a wide choice of applications and can provide a level of efficiency to your project that will keep you appreciating its power and versatility. Including its rechargeable battery, you can transport it everywhere in your house without looking for an outlet.

However, most cordless drills are expensive, with numerous extra features that enhance their functionality while also allowing manufacturers to mark them up. You don’t need anything extravagant in your home; all you need is a product that works and makes your life easier. That’s where this assortment of best cordless drills under $50 comes in.

The best cordless drill under $50 will save you time and money while also improving the quality of your work. Cordless drills will also last for years of use. Take note that it is critical to be light and portable for drills in today’s environment. So, we gathered numerous low-cost cordless drills that might help you execute tasks flawlessly. Due to their convenience and comfort, these drills are popular among boatbuilders, woodworkers, and DIYers. Many options are available, so use this gear guide to select the best cordless drill under $50 that suits your demands and budget.

Top 7 Best Cordless Drills Under $50

1. Black + Decker 20V MAX Cordless Drill

Black + Decker is well-known for its power tools, particularly those used to repair your home. The amazing thing about this cordless drill is that it only takes a few minutes to put together. This product includes only one piece and loads a punch in electric power with a single lithium-ion battery. It drills into surfaces at a voltage of 20 volts and a power of 1,500 watts.

Furthermore, this drill is perfect for little and medium-sized chores around the house. The max power unit, driver attachment, 20-volt Lithium-ion battery, charger, and a Double-end bit are all included in the bundle. The orange selection ring includes a 3/8-inch chuck and an 11-position clutch. A single LED work light is situated directly above the drill’s start button, useful if you work late at night.

The Black+Decker 20 Volt Max cordless drill will set you back at around $40. It includes a drill and driver, an Lcs20 charger, and a double-ended bit as a backup attachment. At 3.15 pounds, this cordless drill is not too heavy, and its small size makes it easy to move around. While many homeowners use it for renovation tasks, it has also proven effective on the job site and for more extensive improvements.

2. Milwaukee M12 12V 3/8-Inch Drill Driver (2407-20)

The Milwaukee M12 12V 3/8-Inch Drill Driver is a Milwaukee drill that is compact and lightweight in design. The Milwaukee M12 comprises high-quality metal parts, a robust ratcheting chuck, and a secure grip on standard 3/8-inch bits.

With a weight of only 2.1 pounds, you may drill overhead for long periods without becoming fatigued. Working in tight areas is not a problem because it has an ergonomic handle with a soft rubber grip that makes it easy to manage and wield the tool with one arm.

The fuel gauge on the M12 allows you to keep track of your battery life and arrange a work routine. It also supports both DC and AC power sources, allowing you to charge your battery while using your power connection. Moreover, it features a 275lb powerful torque intended to tackle all DIY chores, including commercial work requiring a high-speed drill/drive or counter drive task. The M12 cordless drill also has an LED work light to illuminate gloomy workspaces.

3. Ryobi P214 One+ 18V Lithium-Ion Drill

The Ryobi P214 One+ drill is a must-have for any tool collection, whether you’re a professional contractor or a homeowner. The Cordless Drill/Driver outperforms every other power tool on the market in terms of utility.

It is economical and suggested for any hardworking homeowner, in addition to being lightweight and allowing you to keep using the power tool for a long period without the feeling of fatigue. It comes with a Philip head drill bit attached to the base, as well as a magnetic fastener or bit holder so that you can drive standard bolts with ease. The bits may be readily adjusted and swapped out with a keyless chuck.

With a variable-speed gearbox and clutch with 24 locations, you can customize the cordless tool to meet your specific needs. This drill rotates at 450 revolutions per minute on the low setting. It has a maximum speed of 1,750 revolutions per minute on the high setting. Just keep in mind that you’ll need a Ryobi 18-volt battery, which you may either bring with you or purchase separately for uninterrupted use.

4. Juemel Electric Power Drill Set

Some woodworking doesn’t necessitate the use of hundreds of accessories. However, it’s useful to know how well-organized a drill set of accessories can be. Juemel’s drill set, which costs about $50, is incredibly well organized inside its 288 x 310 mm carrying bag.

The Juemel cordless drill driver weighs only 2.6 pounds with the battery attached. There’s also an LED light on it. This drill’s ingenious design includes a magnetic bit holder incorporated into the back of the drill.

Moreover, with the help of a pressure trigger, this drill operates at two different speeds. The drill may be set to run at 0-450 RPM or 0-1,450 RPM. This drill’s 18 + 1 torque position adjustment gives you a lot of flexibility. The drill from Juemel boasts a strong all-copper motor that produces 320 inches per pound of peak torque.

5. Goxawee Cordless Drill Driver Kit

A complete drill kit is something that we can all enjoy. A full 100 accessories are included in the Goxawee home drill package. Because the drill’s batteries charge quickly, your work will keep uninterrupted. The charger on this drill is extremely dependable, charging batteries in about one hour.

The Goxawee Cordless Drill Driver Kit is high-quality, with a 12-volt lithium-ion screwdriver. It’s effortless, powerful, and light. The variable speed trigger on the Goxawee Cordless Drill Driver Kit allows for precise control, making it a perfect tool for DIY projects and professional woodworking. A two-speed press controls a cordless impact driver with an eighteen-position clutch and one-drill working mode.

In addition, the drill’s speed is outstanding, with two trigger-activated variable speeds ranging from 0-350 RPM to 0-1,350 RPM. Because you can quickly modify the drill’s selector ring, the 18 + 1 torque setting is suitable for any project. The automatic spindle lock on the 3/8 inches keyless chuck allows you to change drill bits with one hand. This drill set is worth the extra money as it is one of the best cordless drills under $50.

6. Avid Power MW316 Cordless Drill

The Avid Power MW316 is exactly what you need if getting your tasks done and reclaiming your day is your top priority with its appealing design and plethora of accessories. It contains a 16-position clutch that provides plenty of torque for any job, as well as a chuck with a 3-prong jaw that opens and closes simply by hand.

It has an ergonomic grip that fits well in your hand, and it is very well-balanced, even with the 20V battery in the cradle. When you combine that characteristic with its modest weight of about 2.2 pounds, you won’t have to worry about muscle tiredness even after a long period of use. It also has a flexible shaft for those difficult-to-reach areas.

This drill comes with double-end driver bits and costs around $40. It incorporates an easy-to-grip variable-speed trigger that allows you to customize how you drill into surfaces. Only one lithium-ion battery is required for this drill, included in the package. The advantage of this battery is its average longevity, which can be as long as 300 hours if charged regularly.

7. Galax Pro 20V Cordless Drill Driver

Working in small, cramped environments with little lighting requires extra creativity. You can use Galax Pro’s handy cordless drill to overcome the problem of effortlessly drilling even with less light. Aside from the good work light, it also comes with a handy clip for attaching to work belts and 20 volts of power, providing plenty of power and torque for modest domestic activities.

Furthermore, this cordless drill is the most affordable drill on the list. The Galax Pro 20v cordless drill is a good value for the money, costing roughly $35. This drill incorporates a standard 3/8 inches keyless chuck, enabling quick and easy bit installation. This drill’s position torque ring is incredible, with 20 different locations to pick from, 19 different speeds, and one drill mode.

It features an ergonomic design with a soft rubber handle, an LED light, and a simple belt buckle clip. However, if drilling speed is important, you should consider other drills. This drill does not have the fastest speed available. The drill’s maximum speed is 600 RPM, which isn’t as fast as other cordless drills listed.

2022 Buying Guide of the Best Cordless Drill Under $50


It goes without saying that the battery in a cordless drill is a key component that must be large enough to keep the drill motor running at maximum efficiency for the longest time possible. It’s also critical that the appropriate charger performs to its full potential. Batteries are available in various sizes, but the most common is 20V.


RPM and Newton meters of force are used to measure cordless drills. RPM stands for rotation per minute, which is a unit of measurement for torque or motor power. A variable speed trigger on some drills allows them to operate at varying torque levels. The various speeds determine the adaptability of your power tool. The harder the drill operates, the higher the Newton meters of force. Because RPM is directly proportional to this force, the spin is less important in some circumstances and more important in others. Because most drills are made identically, you rarely notice the motor size; therefore, this metric is the best reference.

Size and ergonomics

The most important factors, in this case, are physical dimensions and weight. Compact drills have a lot of advantages, including the fact that they are very light, and because they are designed for household usage, they are frequently a more unisex concept, which means they put less strain on female hands. Large hands may struggle with the smaller handles, but medium to small hands are ideal, and they are soft and ergonomic to add to the user’s comfort. Even with the battery inserted, they are perfectly balanced.

Additional features

Aside from the handy LED light, many compact cordless drills have a long list of additional features. Belt clips for raised work, magnetic bit seating for keeping metal goods under control, and the keyless chuck system are just a few features that can make or break a drill purchase if they aren’t included.


Knowing that your product comes with a decent guarantee equates to your peace of mind. Most warranty terms are limited to the amount of time a tool is meant to be functioning. These tools have been tried and evaluated in various situations, and the average of their life cycles is the most usual warranty length.


You may rely on a wide range of cordless drills to stay on budget while still getting the job done. When looking for the best cordless drill under $50, you must be cautious; different types are created for various tasks. However, choosing one boils down to which cordless drill best suits your needs. We hope that these recommendations, tips, and our buyer’s guide have aided you in searching for the best cordless drill under $50 for your projects.