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Top Trending Leather Jacket Guide for Men

Leather jackets are a must-have for everybody. We all know someone who would save money all the years only to get some genuine leather jacket men. And why shouldn’t they? I mean that is something everybody loves and we all want to own it someday. For people to know, leather jackets are something that you would find in everyone’s wardrobe. Be it a man, woman, or just a kid even. Why should the kids feel left out? They deserve to be equally fashionable, no? When we talk about leather jackets men, are lucky to have a plethora of options in them.

Nobody should wear one kind of jacket all their lives, right? But when it comes to leather jackets trust me all you need is one black leather jacket it is all set for you who live. Trust me, not even kidding. Your black leather jacket would go with literally everything. Do you have a fancy party to go to? Pair it up with some formal clothes and you are all set. Some casual boy’s game night? Get some cute knee-length shorts and a t-shirt and wear the jacket over it. Need to do some grocery chores? Wear it over your PJs. See how amazing this piece of clothing is.

If you still want to stand out in the crowd and do not just want to go with the flow. We have some more leather jacket options for you. The Real Leather Garment knows all the leather jacket games for men.

Leather Bomber Jacket

Leather bomber jacket men are one of the most like forms of jacket as it gives them a boy-ish look. With the right pair of clothes, you can rock your overall look and just be happy in it. A little background, bomber jackets were originally made for the pilots in the old times. Their simple design gives such an elegant look to a person as its primary focus is its overall shape, fixing tightly all over the wrists and the waist.

While you are going out with your boys for some ball game or hitting the bar with your mates, wear it to be the center of attention. There are many different ways to pair this jacket up and create all kinds of various looks. The way it has become popular in the last few years, you would be missing out on one great piece of clothing if you do not own one already.

Racer Jacket

If you are someone who likes to look bold and tough, racer jackets are perfect for you. Even if you want to appear a little rowdy yet friendly, we suggest you get one racer jacket as it brings out the best and perfect look on a person. Not many people know this the racer jackets were originally made for the warriors of WWll, it says a lot about the kind of look it gives to a man.

After the said war, men were interested in racing motorbikes, this was their source of entertainment which they gladly enjoyed and had the most fun at. It created the need to design a minimalistic leather jacket that is heavy in weight but is enough at the back in order to give strong protection with the front zipper. However, one point to be noted is, the racer jackets are in a slim fit and do not have much detailing on them, except for the front zip. This is mainly why people go got it when they are looking for a simple, minimalistic, and yet trendy. If you have big shoulders a racer jacket would be perfect for you as it flattens the whole body.

Flight Jackets

Flight jackets are something that one can easily say is for pilots. There is nothing wrong with thinking so the name suggests it all well. But can we let this flight jacket be for the pilots only? Absolutely not! Why should pilots have this jacket only, everybody should wear them and flaunt their style as it is definitely a must-have piece for everybody out there.

The flight jackets are made with shearling lining whose main purpose is to keep you warm. Nevertheless, times have changed now, today both the pilots and general men wear this jacket which makes it both pretty fashionable and practical. Flight jackets are a must for winter, as they keep a person toasty and nice while you can kill with your looks at the same time. However, you must make sure you are not going overboard with the layers, keep it both simple and modern with regular trousers and some light gauge knit.

Biker Jacket

The biker jacket is for everyone who likes to bike, like not literally. I mean, you can be a non-biker and still be a fan of a biker jacket. Biker jackets are the same as the racer jacket, for someone who likes to appear tough like to invest in a biker jacket. Biker jackets are go-to-jackets for people who like to live a hipsy life and live on the road. The tough and thick leather makes it more wearable for such men.

As discussed above biker jacket was mainly designed for the bikers only with their cropped style which lets the riders lean on the bikes without fastening the digs into the body. Only by wearing this jacket, you can get more of an edge. The biker jackets have more of an attractive look as it has various other features. That includes the poppers buckles and the zips. There are always more of the features to it along with the collar, lapels that are designed to fold over each other and snap everything down. All the jackets look pretty slick both during the night and the day while you are hitting the street or going for just a drink.

There are various kinds of men’s leather jackets available out in the market, with the right one you can just up your overall look.