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Trendy Kitchen – 5 steps to help you design one

Through the pandemic, kitchens have adapted to the needs of workplaces, schools, and leisure activities simultaneously. Yes, they have become more than a place to cook. Today, it is a place to meet friends, work, attend online school and zoom meetings, relax, and more. Indeed, the horizon of trendy kitchen interior design has changed and they now need to adapt to lifestyles. 

If you browse through Instagram and Facebook, you will find a wide range of trendy kitchen designs. Navigating through them can seem daunting. But not to worry! If you’re redoing your space, there’s no need to feel overwhelmed.

The good news is that the four pillars of all the trending kitchens remain the same- cleanliness, comfort, functionality, and flexibility. So keep these in mind and read on.

Trendy Kitchen – Here’s where to start:

Here are some tips to have the best trendy kitchen, categorized by color, flooring, storage, style, and accents.


Ever tried tweaking the mood of your kitchen using color? In the past, people preferred whites and neutrals. But more recently, the whole color palette has found its way into homes.

Red- A color known to stimulate the appetite, red is the perfect statement wall for a kitchen and dining area. However, be wary and use it sparingly because it can get overwhelming. You can offset the color red with muted decor pieces like grey chairs or white wall accessories.

Emerald Green– Shades of green bring the spirit of nature into the kitchen and make the place seem alive and fresh. Green can add drama to a neutral palette and can enhance subdued shades, just like pink and magenta can. If you live in a city, an emerald green decor in your kitchen can act as your own oasis.

Blue- Nautical blue adds a sophisticated edge to a kitchen. On the other hand, lighter blue accents muted with shades of grey open the energy of the kitchen. It brings in feelings of joy and tranquillity. Using blue will help you create a haven in your kitchen, safe from the bustling world outside.


If the pandemic has taught us anything, it is to be prepared for the unexpected. The flooring of a kitchen needs to be resilient, durable, waterproof and classy. In fact, good kitchen flooring is essential to add an element of luxury to a kitchen.

Bamboo- This is a sustainable alternative to synthetic floorings. The slight unfinished look that it lends makes it pair well with the modern chic aesthetic. Did you know? Bamboo is remarkably durable and can sustain the wear and tear a kitchen is subjected to. That said, it is also fairly easy to clean and maintain.

Statement Flooring- How about adding some sparkle or stripes to your floor? Statement flooring adds character to any neutral kitchen. How about vinyl – it is customizable, waterproof, inexpensive, and simple to install and maintain. 


While you maintain your kitchen’s elegance, you also need to maximize its storage and efficiency. That’s why modular kitchens in Goa are perfect. These types of kitchens can be customized to harness every inch of your kitchen. This helps you create a stylish storage space while making cooking an exquisite experience.

Handless Design- Smooth finished cabinets that open with a touch or tap are trending! Indeed, these are a tasteful way of shifting the focus to detailed cabinetry. Its free-flowing design is user-friendly and helps you multitask. 

Wall Cabinets- You can use these to help keep all your kitchen essentials within arms reach. It ties together the whole look of the kitchen without taking up too much space. Use your wall cabinets to display your precious heirlooms, recipe books, plants, and more. You can then stylishly display your items without cluttering your cabinets.

Multi-purpose Larders– Larders make for adaptable storage spaces in smaller kitchens. They are practical, convenient and elevate the aesthetics of a kitchen two-fold. Store away all your groceries, spices, condiments, and more. This keeps away the clutter from your countertops, too.

Trendy Kitchen Style

Spare some time to devise a strong design strategy to ensure comfortable movement and efficient storage. Often, key elements like lighting are often overlooked in kitchen design. Remember the two functions of lights. Firstly, task lighting helps light up a space, such as your countertops for cutting and meal prep. Secondly, light helps you decorate your space. For example, pendant lights have taken the center stage in kitchen design. That’s because they are perfect decorative pieces and a great source of light to work under. 

Here are some plans you may want to consider: 

Broken Plan Kitchen- This is a more liberal version of the ‘open plan living.’ What it basically does is make use of screens, furniture, cabinets, and plants. These are used to designate nooks meant for different activities.

Stainless Steel Kitchen- This trendy style is highly sought after. You may have spotted stainless steel kitchens in the homes of celebrities and famous chefs. That’s because stainless steel makes a great statement. It is not only timeless but also efficient and long-lasting. 

Black Beauty Kitchen- Black is growing in popularity these days! They give the space a sleek, dramatic edge. When you pair it with a natural element or a contrasting color, it gives the kitchen a more classy finish. Some options you can consider are marble, wood, and stone. These are usually installed when there’s ample space, as black can make the space smaller when not done right. Sometimes, black kitchens are used in bachelor pads, too!


Accents add drama, definition, and character to a room. You can liven a monochromatic kitchen or subdue a bold palette. A lot of traditional metals are making their comeback as accents to a well-designed kitchen. For example, brass, gold, and wood decorative pieces, cabinet handles, and mesh gives off a sophisticated finish. 

Similarly, certain colors like yellow, turquoise, and orange make the perfect accents to pair mellow colors and add a relaxed feel to a kitchen. They can elevate the energy of a room without saturating it. 

We hope these tips help you redesign your space to make it functional and stylish.