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Unblocking Geo-Restricted Games with a VPN service?

For Gaming freaks, at some point in time, it is common to have come across a painful scenario when you find it difficult to access a freshly released game due to the limitation placed on it. Geo-blocking can occur to mobile, PC, and XBOX gamers.

Geo-blocking is not enough purpose to miss out on a long-awaited game, especially for conservative gamers. Several methods can be adopted to go around these constraints to enjoy game full-packed features without breaking a bank.

By using a virtual private network (VPN), you’ll most often find it prevalent and easy to go around this. Virtual Private Networks can assist you to disguise your real locality and give you the tips on how to unblock a game by tricking the game developer into thinking you’re within the supported region. Interestingly, coupled with the advancement in modern technology, you’re now covered on concerns such as these particularly.

VeePN helps to mask position and evade limitations securely. Even though not all VPNs are 100% reliable, this means you have to be more selective when investing on a very reliable VPN service. Needless to say, let’s delve into how a VPN helps bypass gaming restrictions.


Virtual Private Networks (VPN), conceals your Internet Protocol (IP) address by redirecting your internet traffic flow to a remote server before aiming it to the strategic target. The Internet Protocol address presented to users is the redirected remote servers.

Several service providers of VPNs allow users to select the locality of the server they want their internet traffic flow to be redirected to.  This signifies that you can bypass region-restricted games from different countries with a VPN usage.

Devouring your IP in incognito mode means that threats from DDoS botnets cannot identify your actual location and consequently cannot direct attacks.


For fans that love shopping around for games with Steam, below are step-by-step guides that will come handy when trying to outsmart geo-restricted games using a VPN.

It is important to note that these steps will also apply to most digital games vendors. Our case study here will be Steam, since it is a common shopping platform for gamers:

  1. First, ensure to log out of your account on Steam and exit your web browser.
  2. Download a reliable VPN and ensure that it works correctly. It is recommended to go for a VPN such as VeePN, which has a selection of different servers you can choose from.

Also, pay attention to the connection speeds and the security of the VPN. The best VPN is the one with faster connections and ensures user privacy. VeePN is a reliable banker because it has been tested and proves trustworthy.

3. Launch the VPN after a successful download and select your preferred locality. Ensure to choose a supported location. It is recommended to choose the US as most games support this location.

4. After you must have successfully connected to a supported VPN server, log in to your steam profile on your web browser and click on the account tab to update your new country to the one you previously selected on the VPN app. Ensure to click on refresh for the changes to be effected on your profile page.

5. Login to update billing information. It is easy to falsify a billing address of your choice to match preferred location. Please note a payment option of your chosen location must be entered for this method to work.

Having completed every step above, you can now access any geo-blocked game of your choice from anywhere.

Obviously this list is endless, but then let’s swiftly talk over a few popular interesting games you can rock with a VPN:

  • Call of Duty Mobile

CODM is an interesting and engaging internet game. Endeavor to try out the mobile variation of this game. Since its introduction, it has made a great wave in the mobile gaming industry.

At the moment, this game has garnered over 20 million active members monthly around the world. Within its first year of release in 2019, this game reached around 270 million successful downloads.

  • Minecraft

Minecraft has been popular in the gaming sphere. This game has numerous modes, including survival mode, adventure mode, creative mode, and spectator mode. These modes involve surviving and building campus and have total authority to take upon animal buildings, people, and food.

It’s a 3D graphic game with little to no restrictions and it lets users do whatever they want to.

  • PUBG

Undeniably, this is the most popular online game in 2022. PUBG takes the gaming industry with fire and it has continued to garner more players over time. It is a multiplayer game that can indulge up to 99 players at a go.

The high quality graphics and application of real-life situations, as seen in the military, makes it more engaging. You can successfully complete a stage when you kill all enemies.