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Unusual Life Hacks for Smartphones You Should Know

The pace of life in modern society is organized in such a way that people do not let go of smartphones. And phones, in turn, have dozens of actions, but at the same time, they do not solve some of the difficulties. Practical life hacks for smartphones will be useful when used in non-standard conditions or inconveniences.

Life Hack in Case of Theft

Smartphones, and other devices based on the Android operating system, are often the subject of theft. On the fact that the phone was stolen, there is a proven method that will ensure the safety of personal data:

  • Go to the general menu, open the “Security” item and click “Devices”;
  • Activate “Remote search and block”; 
  • Now mobile data is hidden;
  • By supporting a google account, the smartphone will be blocked, regardless of location.

Life Hack With Sound

There are specialized programs that provide the ability to increase the volume of the phone. Users are dissatisfied with their performance, and applications do not function on all smartphones. Therefore, when you want to listen to music, put your mobile in an empty glass, a small bowl.

Naturally, you should not rely on high sound quality in this case. But you can turn up the volume and turn off the headphones.

Smartphone Stand

People love to watch videos, movies and series on their smartphones, but it is inconvenient to hold it in their hands all the time and you need to put the phone upright. The stand can be made using an office paper clip:

  • Take two paper holders;
  • Place the lugs of one holder in the other;
  • Place the stand you have made with the front facing you.

The stand turns out to be quite strong and stable, the holders fulfil their purpose, and the phone will not fall. In addition, you will be able to do many different things such as watching movies conveniently, playing different games on 22Bet casino and scrolling through various videos.

Phone Case

People buy cases for the beautiful appearance of the smartphone. The main purpose is to protect against drops and scratches.

Many smartphones have a back panel that is sensitive to impact, so it is worth buying special cases that allow you to protect against chips and scratches. You can’t make a protective layer for the display yourself, but making a cover is a fascinating process. 

Then quickly blow off and cut off the tail that is below. The smartphone will be in rubber protection, and money and time have not been spent on the case. Such covers are multi-coloured and can be changed every day.

Smartphone Light

Sometimes the lights are turned off in the evening, and it’s too early to sleep. In case, in order not to sit in the dark or not be blinded by the flash of the smartphone’s camera, build a lamp from improvised means.

Life Hack of Storing a Bank Card

You can store bank cards between your smartphone and the case. This method is useful for athletes who only take their phones with them to training in the gym or jogging in the park.

It is not known what situation will arise that will require funds. A bank card that is at hand is convenient and practical. Interesting and practical life hacks for smartphones to use will help protect them from intruders and make using them much more comfortable.