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Ustraa Promo Codes – Top 10 Products to Buy at Discount Price

Grooming products help create a great impression. There are a wide variety of grooming products available for men. These range from shaving creams to lotions, face washes, and a lot more. Men’s grooming brands such as Ustraa make these products pocket friendly as well. Using Ustraa Promo codes helps you get good discounts on premium grooming products. So let us take a look at the best Ustraa products that must be tried from their grooming range. 

1. Hair Growth Vitalizer

If you face issues such as hair loss or thinning hair, then this product is a must-try. Ustraa Hair growth Vitalizer is one solution for hair greying, split ends, and hair fall problems. 

It comes with the goodness of scientifically proven ingredients such as Redensyl, Saw Palmetto, Keratin, Collagen, Omega 3, Omega 6, Amino acids, and minerals. 

This non-greasy serum keeps your hair well-nourished. You can use Ustraa hair growth serum before or after a bath and apply it to your scalp and hair. 

Price: Rs. 699 (100ml)

2. Ustraa Beard Growth oil

Ustraa Beard Oil is a combination of 8 natural oils. It also contains Redendyl, a proven chemical to boost hair growth. At the same time, natural oils provide essential vitamins and fatty acids for beard growth. This product is free from parabens, mineral oils, petroleum, etc. 

It boosts hair growth and repairs damaged hair to activate hair stem cells and grow new hair. You can expect visible results in 90 days. Beard Growth oil costs Rs. 650 for 90 ml pack. However, you can use Ustraa Coupons Today to get up to 50% off on this fantastic product. 

Price: Rs. 650 (60ml)

3. Hair Cream for men

This daily use of Ustraa hair cream nourishes your hair and scalp. It comes with natural ingredients such as flaxseed extracts, wheat germ oil, almond oil, and olive oil to provide complete nourishment. It is an excellent alternative to regular sticky hair oils. Use the cream on semi-wet hair. You can keep it all day without having to worry about greasy or sticky hair. 

Price: Rs. 199 (100g)

4. Heavy Duty Hand Sanitizer

Keeping a hand sanitizer with you and using it regularly is a habit we have developed in the last two years. And it looks like it is going to be part of our lifestyle in the future as well. Ustraa Hand sanitizer comes with 70% alcohol to keep you safe against harmful viruses. 

Ustraa Hand Sanitizer also comes with the goodness of Aloe vera extracts to keep your skin moisturized. So it is the perfect combination of ingredients to provide protection against viruses and take care of your skin. 

Price: Rs. 425 (500ml – pack of 2)

5. Ustraa Face Scrub for de-Tan

Ustraa Face Scrub comes with walnut granules to reverse sun tanning. It also helps to shed dead skin cells to provide superior exfoliation. 

You can also try this face scrub to deal with common skin issues such as pimples, blackheads, whiteheads, dryness, and uneven skin tone. 

The face scrub is a complete solution for common skin problems. It is free of harmful chemicals such as paraben and sulfate. Massage your skin with Ustraa face scrub for 3 to 4 minutes and rinse off with cold water to see visible results. 

Price: Rs. 350 (100g)

6. Ustraa 5 blade razor

Enjoy a superior shaving experience with Ustraa 5 blade razor. It comes with a double-coasted blade edge for a really close shave.

The large lubrication strip helps reduce redness and skin irritation. This lubricated strip is enriched with shea butter and aloe vera extracts. You also get a precision blade at the back to shape your sideburns.

Ustraa 5 blade razor is ergonomically designed to take care of your comfort while reducing nicks and cuts during shaving. 

Price: Rs. 325 

7. Ustraa Lithium Powered Beard Trimmer

A lithium-ion battery powers Ustraa Beard Trimmer to provide a long run time. Get up to 120 minutes of usage with just a 60-minute charge. Its robust ABS combs ensure smooth and consistent trim. The titanium-coated blades are effectively designed to provide better coverage. 

If you are serious about your beard, you want to own this trimmer with many powerful features. The lithium-powered trimmer costs 1,999, but you get 20% off with Ustraa discounts. 

Price: Rs. 1,599

8. Ustraa Activated Charcoal Face Scrub

This face scrub from Ustraa comes with the goodness of activated charcoal to provide your pull-out dirt and toxins from the skin pores. With all the pollution, it is important to cleanse your face effectively. This face scrub also consists of Tahitian Volcanic sand, which is known for its disinfecting properties. Whole walnut granules help remove blackheads and dead skin cells.  

Price: Rs. 399 (100g)

9. Ustraa Cologne Soap

Cologne Soap of Ustraa comes with the goodness of walnut granules, English oak extract, and witch hazel extract. It is a long-lasting soap that comes with an intense fragrance to keep you fresh all day. 

Walnut granules provide deeper cleaning while removing dirt from the skin pores. You also get rich foam for a quality bath experience. 

Price: Rs. 252 (Pack of 3)

10. Ustraa Beard Softener

Daily use of beard softener helps keep your beard healthy and itch-free. Ustraa beard softener gives a natural shine to your beard and also moisturizes the skin underneath. Spread on your beard with your palms to get natural shine. 

Price: Rs. 450 (100ml)
These are some of the products from Ustraa you must try. You can also save on these products using Ustraa Coupon Code 2021. So choose the best care of yourself with the best grooming products at affordable prices.