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What are the Different Types of Women’s Swimwear?  

A swimming costume is an essential piece of clothing for those who want to swim and take swimming lessons in Scarborough. Whether a person wants to participate in a competition or enjoy a leisurely swimming session, a swimming costume is a must. There are different types of swimming costumes available in the market, and you can choose the one you like per your preference. Also, you can get hold of the best swimming costumes by checking out great collections of women’s swimwear online

Let’s check out the fabric of the swimwear!

Swimwear for a beach vacation significantly differs from what you would wear for competition. As a swimming costume greatly enhances the swimmer’s performance, the fabric should be chosen wisely. 

Nylon and polyester are the two main fabrics used to make swimsuits. Nylon is known for its excellent elasticity, extraordinary softness, ample comfort, and easy washing. It is also resistant to chlorine, making it ideal if you spend most of your time in the pool. 

On the other hand, polyester is also resistant to chlorine and UV radiation. So, this fabric will protect you even if you swim outdoors. Additionally, it breathes nicely and keeps its shape intact. Yet the best chlorine-proof material is typically a polyester/PBT combination, which you’ll find in most swimsuits.

What are the Different Types of Swimsuits? 

A bikini swimsuit is considered the best if you want improved body support and a complete range of motion. This is the reason why Olympic swimmers wear bikini swimsuits. There are “training” bikinis that are well-liked for swimming outdoors. They are an excellent option for practising because they aren’t like the typical bikini you might have in mind. Other types of swimsuits include: 

Cover Ups

Cover-ups are typically worn outside the water, such as at the beach or a swimming pool. If you wear a cover-up into the water, it will soon dry because they are often constructed from flowing, loose fabric that is breathable and non-absorbent.


A long-sleeved swimsuit is a one-piece bathing suit with long sleeves that cover your entire stomach and arms. 


A monokini is a cross that joins a single-piece swimsuit and a bikini. Although the top and bottom sections are connected, most of your midriff is still exposed.


Rather than tying at the neck, only one-shoulder swimsuits cross over one shoulder. 


A strapless one-piece has no straps or sleeves that would go over your shoulders. It covers your torso and rises to just below the collarbone.


If you intend to swim in cold water, a wetsuit is smart because it fits snugly and acts as a second skin to help you stay warm. While some wetsuits have short sleeves and shorts or high-cut bottoms, many have long sleeves covering the wearer’s legs. 

Different Types of Swimsuit Tops 

Some of the common swimwear tops are: 

  • Bandeau Top: It is similar to a crop top. A bandeau bikini top is form-fitting and strapless, often only covering the top portion of the chest.
  • Halter Top: A halter top is a type of swimwear with ties that can be easily wrapped around the neck and chest. 
  • Tankini: A tankini top is a type of swimwear that gets easily stretched, just like a tank top. While still part of a two-piece set, this type of swim top can provide much coverage.

You can buy any women’s swimwear online that is comfortable and easy to maintain. Ensure you buy from a trusted store after exploring various options and offers.