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What does it mean if you have acne around the mouth? – Doctor’s advice

Acne is a skin condition where the pores on the skin get blocked by dead skin cells and/or clogged by oil (sebum). Acne often appears on the face or a specific area of the body.

Acne may break out around the mouth as a result of recurring pressure on the skin close to the mouth such as from playing a musical instrument or daily cell phone usage. If you currently have acne around your mouth and it worries you, then continue reading to learn how to treat and prevent it.

Why am I having acne around my mouth?

It’s more common to see acne breakouts on the face along the T-shaped zone that begins from your forehead and extends down to your nose and your chin. That’s because the chin and forehead have a greater concentration of sebaceous glands.

Just because acne does usually break out around the mouth doesn’t mean it can’t happen. Acne is more likely to break out around the mouth area when the skin in that area is frequently touched or irritated. 

There are a few things that can cause a breakout around the mouth and they are:

  • Using musical instruments that constantly touch the area around your mouth such as a flute or an instrument that rest on your chin like the violin can cause the pores around the mouth to get clogged resulting in an acne breakout.
  • Using helmet straps. The chin strap on a helmet can also clog the pores around the mouth which causes the acne to break out. If you use a sports helmet do well to reduce the grip on your face and also wash your chin after wearing a chin strap.
  • Your hormones could also be the reason why you have acne breakouts around your mouth. Hormones (androgens) stimulate the production of sebum in the body which clogs the pores in your skin leading to an acne breakout.
  • When you shave, the cream or oil you use in shaving could also clog the pores on your skin which results in an acne breakout. 
  • Lip balms like the wax in lip balm could clog the pores of your skin if they should spread off your lip to your skin.
  • If you like resting your cellphone on your chin whenever you are on a call, it can block your pores and become the very reason why you are having an acne breakout. 

How can I treat it?

Usually, the best and most effective way to get acne treatment for acne breakouts around the mouth or any part of the body, in particular, is by visiting a dermatologist. A dermatologist will work with you and help you find a treatment or combination of treatments that’ll work for you.

Also, acne breakouts around the mouth are not special and as such, they are no different from the ones that appear in other parts of the face. Hence, the same treatments you use for acne breakouts in other parts of your face will work for acne breakouts around the mouth. Some of the treatments you could use include:

  • Purchasing over the counter medications such as cleansers, acne creams, and gels that contain salicylic acid or benzoyl peroxide.
  • You can also use prescribed topical or oral antibiotics. Prescribed topical creams like retinoic acid would also work.

How do I prevent acne from breaking out around the mouth?

The easiest way to prevent acne from breaking out around your mouth after treating it is by maintaining a healthy skincare regimen. Things you can do include:

  • Cleansing your skin twice daily using a mild or gentle cleanser.
  • Avoid frequently touching your face.
  • Shower after every exercise. 
  • Keep oily face product off your face.
  • Ensure that the make-ups you use are labelled noncomedogenic.
  • Do not pick the pimples.
  • Wash your face after using an instrument that comes in contact with your face.
  • Only apply oil-free products on your face.