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Why Choose Contact Lenses Over Glasses?

Choosing contact lenses over glasses is good when you want a look without glasses for special occasions and other events. Contact lenses are thin layered disks that sit directly to your pupil and are very easy to use. It can also be worn for problems like hyperopia, astigmatism, and myopia.

They can be used for daily purposes and for a long time. You should put them on in the morning and remove & clean them at night. They are disposable, and you can throw them after using them.

Pros of Contact Lenses 

There are some benefits of contact lenses as mentioned below:-

  • They are both bifocal and multifocal contacts; they correct up visions for faraway and closeup at the same time.
  • They provide more natural vision than glasses
  • They don’t get wet when its rainy or in winter 
  • They will move when your eyes move; nothing will block your visions 
  • They don’t get fogged up 
  • They don’t block the vision when playing sports or other outdoor activities. 
  • They are easy to use and remove 
  • They are very comfortable is the usage
  • You can use them for a whole week but need to clean them as well
  • They don’t affect peripheral vision; eyeglasses can do 
  • They improve your self-esteem and the way to see the world

Colored Contact Lenses 

They are specially made contact lenses that allow users to change the colors of their eyes; they could be for daily use and special occasions as per your color contact lenses price.

  • Prescribed-  If you are facing eye disorders like myopia, hyperopia, and astigmatism, you can choose these colored contact lenses, which change the color appearance of your eyes.
  • Zero Power- If you don’t have any problems or prescriptions, you can still go for the colored contact lenses of zero power, which change the color of your eyes.

Types Of Color Contact Lenses

Visibility tinted lenses-  These are the lenses that are usually for those people who don’t want to change their eye color but want a faint green and bluish tint for the contacts to stand out.

Enhancement Tinted Lenses-   These lenses help add a solid color to the lenses, although they are transparent enough to enhance the original color of the eye. These are ideal if you have a pale-colored eye and want to make the shade vivid.

Opaque Tinted Lenses- Alter your eyes by adding non-transparent colors to your eyes. They are ideal for dark shade eyes and come in plenty of colors such as blue, green, hazel, gray, and brown. Also, they are available in special effects like vampires and cats, which are perfect for fancy dress or theaters.

What Shade Is Right For Your Eye Colors 

It depends on many factors what you choose for your eye. If you want to give a natural and subtle effect to your eyes, you have to keep in mind your hair and skin tone color tone.

Darker Eyes

If you have darker eyes, use lenses that make them enhanced and stronger. Try shades like light brown and hazel.

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Lighter Eyes 

Use tint lenses for your natural color if your eyes aren’t bold enough. It will enhance your iris edges and help your eyes to stand out.

Benefits of Choosing Color-Enhancing Contacts

There are many benefits of colored contact lenses, as mentioned below:-

  • Custom Tint Covers the Injury- If you face disorders or trauma such as ocular or having a specific infection on the eye that made the cornea scarred and clouded, custom tinted lenses can help and cover that problem.
  • Color Contact Can Improve Your Eyesight-  Colored contact lenses are available in corrective and Plano style, where Plano provides no corrective powers. You will see PL or 0.00 in the prescription. Corrective-enhancing contact lenses can fight refractive errors like astigmatism, presbyopia, and hyperopia.
  • Colored Enhancing Contacts Look Cool- Keeping small changes is good, but people won’t notice until it’s big. So using colored enhanced lenses will attract public attention. Using colored contact lenses greatly enhances your natural eye color, making your iris edges more shining in the light.

Best Brands for Colored Contact Lenses

The brands which provide the finest colored contact lenses are Aualens, Bausch Lombs, and  Alcons. They provide contact lenses with the best comfortability and quality, and the colored contact price is affordable and less expensive.

  • They come in numerous variants and are available in all colors 
  • They help you with many eye disorder problems 
  • Lenses are thin in size, and the material used to make them is hydrogel silicon.
  • You can use them for a long time as they are very durable 
  • Easy to apply and remove option  
  • They are dust and fog resistance
  • They are moisture-resistant and, therefore, suitable for rainy & winter conditions. 

Hybrid Contact Lenses

They are made with a rigid center ring covered by soft curves, providing clear vision with the best comfortability.

  • More convenient than rapid gas permeable (RGP) lenses.
  • It offers more stability and vision than hard or soft lenses because it centers on rigid material.
  • It can naturalize their shape. 
  • It can improve corneal irregularities.
  • If you are facing problems of comfortability in rapid gas permeable (RGP) lenses, switch to hybrid lenses.
  • They are for daily and regular use; you just have to clean the lenses at night. 


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