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Why You Need To Have That Kimono in Your Closet

Kimono robes are the newest cool in fashion and a must-have in your closet. Silk oozes glamour, elegance, and sophistication. Now, you probably are wondering why you need a silk kimono in your closet. There are many benefits accrued from soaking yourself in silk-made materials like health and medical benefits. Here are a few points to know the answer for the question why do you need to have silk kimono in your closet?

What Exactly Is A Kimono?

Kimonos are originally formal and traditional robes, and they are well-known for their very elaborate detailing. Made up of different parts which are mostly hand-dyed silk and most worn on super special occasions like weddings and festivals. Therefore, if you have one in your bedroom then you smell of expensive taste.

It Comes In Different Sizes and Shapes

Over the last decade, kimonos have gained popularity because of their luxurious and elegant style. Nowadays, you can choose the length of the kimono you desire. It could be ankle-length or knee-length or it customized to your liking depending on the shop you purchase from. Traditional kimono sleeves mostly go down to your wrist, however, some variations have sleeves that perfectly reach down to ground length, and you get to choose to wear your kimono in any weather and on different occasions. 

Kimonos for the Warm Weather

Most people complain about robes being often too bulky and thick, which makes them inappropriate during warm weather. Mostly, this is due to the used fabrics to make robes. However, if you choose mulberry silk, satin or any other silk for the fabrics manufacturers can perfect your lounging in different weather. They are cool, extremely breathable, and lightweight. 

Perfect Choice for Lounging In

A silk kimono is perfect for all your lounging needs as they give you a relaxing and luxurious evening feel. It is very common for brides to choose kimonos made from mulberry silk as they provide the utmost comfort. Elegant and classic robes can be made from satin or silk as they offer a relaxing, smooth, and soft perfect feel for your pampering night while enjoying your soothing massage and glass of wine afterward. 

Styling with Other Outfits

You can use a kimono to accessorize your outfit. Kimonos come in different styles, sizes, and shape making them a requisite accessory for their power to spice up your final outlook without a lot of effort. Due to the improvement in designs silk kimonos are not only for relaxing but also, you can wear them with that basic outfit, and you will have added a new twist to the outfit. 

In conclusion, being stylish does not necessarily mean that we have to fill our closets with the latest trends in the market. Those old clothes in our closets can also be brought back to life by styling them. Styling will take a very short span of our time and at the end of it all, we can walk down a runway like a supermodel.