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10 Amazing gold bracelets for men

Are you the kind of mean who likes to look neat and clean for every event? Whether you are at work or at a formal party, or even if you are reading this article to find a nice accessory for that special man in your life, then you know that a fine gold bracelet pretty much takes your outfit to the next level. The great classic gold, regardless if you have a regular white t-shirt and jeans or a fancy tuxedo for the wedding of a friend, a timeless gold bracelet is the perfect kickside for every occasion. Since some designs are better than others, here we bring you the best options in the market to make you look flawless while wearing your bracelet.

1. Miansai type chain bracelet

This silky gold bracelet is made with a curb chain and you can choose the personalization of your preference by selecting 9 beads. Although this model can be used by women as well, it will look great with a neat formal shirt.

2. Miabella braided gold-tone rope chain bracelet

If you are a big fan of Italian fashion, this 18K is a suitable option for you. It comes in different sizes so you don’t need to worry about struggling to find the right fit.

3. All Blues anchor curb chain bracelet

Featuring an amazing curb chain design, this bracelet looks very masculine and trendy, making it one of our favorites gold bracelets. You can use it for work if you like to be dressed up at the office, but it also looks great paired with casual clothes.

4. Bless two-tone mix bracelet

If you are the kind of creative male that loves to add an original touch to his outfits, this is a great alternative.

5. Maple gold-plated link chain bracelet

A vintage design that looks heavy but sophisticated at the same time.

6. Degs & Sal gold figaro chain bracelet

For those men who feel more comfortable by wearing subtle and more traditional shapes, this delicate bracelet might be a right choice.

7. Le Gramme gold cable bracelet

If you are looking for that little something, this bracelet that looks like an actual wire will make you look really energized and attractive.

8. Dear Letterman “Hunan” bracelet

Offering you a delicate but solid curb chain, this bracelet is a great option for men, especially those in a younger age, due to the hook that adds a modern (unusual) style.

9. Emanuele Bicocchi gold round chain bracelet

With a carat of 24K and a resistant design, the precious Rolo chain made in Italy is an amazing option for a formal party.

10. Cartier yellow gold ecrou de cartier bracelet

Who doesn’t love Cartier? With 18K of pure white golf and a width of 3.5mm, this is definitely the perfect gift for that one man in your life who loves to do heavy-duty. The providers even offer you to send it with a gift wrapping, including your personalized greetings and signature in the package.