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5 Ways to Convince Yourself to Invest in a Leather Handbag

Perhaps you are a fashion conscious woman and you love the latest trends and styles in clothing, but you have not been able to convince yourself to spend the money to buy a leather handbag. You know in your heart that you’ve been dreaming of owning a leather bag, and preferably one with a designer label.

Maybe you’ve even bought a replica or knockoff brand, but within six months the handles broke, the straps snapped, the liner’s inner seams didn’t hold, or the zippers got tangled in the poorly constructed liner. . Regardless of the reason, you’ve never liked the feel of vinyl or burlap, but you’re tired of shopping for bags at malls and resale stores.

If this describes you, then you’ll want to pay attention to the ways, valid reasons, to step up and spend your hard-earned money on a handbag made by big-name brand designers. Whether you’re considering a Juicy, Gucci, Clava, Coach, or any other designer brand, consider the following reasons not only to buy, but to invest in a fine leather handbag or purse.

The designer leather bags are:

Durable. When a designer puts her name on a product, they endorse its quality. If your bag breaks, rips, or falls apart, most designers will replace the bag at no cost; well, you might have to pay for the shipping, but you won’t have to pay for the replacement bag.

Statement of status. Let’s be honest; Most designer vegan handbags have some kind of symbol that makes their bags recognizable, regardless of whether they look inside the label. For example, if you buy a Clava leather bag, the name Clava is on the label on the outside of the bag. If you buy a Coach bag, you will see the leather label that says Coach or you will see the C symbol for Coach. Buying a designer bag announces to everyone you know that you are important to you and is a statement of status that you deserve it.

Bag designers make sure that the look, feel, and materials they use to create their bags are unique to them. Certainly any designer brand has a clutch, a tramp, or a certain type of bag that screams their brand, but that’s what makes you so special when shopping for a designer brand. It is your statement that you are using an original design.

Added value. A fine, genuine, designer leather bag gets added value every year.

The leather becomes softer. Natural brands show that you treasure your bag and, above all, the value of your bag never goes down. Even if you donate your designer leather bag to a thrift store, that store will value the brand and sell your item for more than all other bags or purses in the store. There are even online resources for selling a value-added bag, and customers around the world are willing to pay big bucks for a leather bag that they no longer want to use. Why? Because women just don’t dump designer leather bags in the local dumpster.

Suitable for most occasions. Apart from weddings or formal events, you can wear a designer leather bag with jeans, leggings, a night out on the town, sportswear, at the office, when traveling, or just rushing to the store.

There you have it, five ways to justify yourself that you deserve to own a designer brand genuine leather handbag. Now what are you waiting for? You know that if you don’t spend some money on yourself to buy a purse that can last a lifetime, you will spend it on something else.