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Age Calculator – 5 interesting facts calculated from DOB

Age calculators have gained much popularity. People use age calculators to calculate their ages. Nowadays, you can find age calculators offering several features. You can use an age calculator to calculate your age, combined age, animal age, and half age. People are interested in knowing facts calculated from DOB. Some of these facts are listed below. 

1.      Half birthday

Half birthday has become quite trendy. People feel it is fun to calculate their half-birthday. A half birthday is a way by which a person can arrange to meet up with his friends. Half birthday is a way to celebrate and spend time with your friends and family members twice a year. 

People are the most interested in knowing about half a birthday. Half birthday means you can celebrate your birthday twice a year and every six months. Thus, you can have a double celebration, double party, double fun, and double gifts.

If a person celebrates his 19th half birthday, he is 18 and half years old. You can celebrate half birthday of your newborn baby when he is six months old.

2.      Age as an animal

Pet owners and animal lovers are quite interested in calculating animal age. You could use an age calculator to find your age if you were an animal such as a dog, horse, or cat. This calculation is based on the life expectancy of an animal and a human. The life expectancy varies accordingly. It would be fun to know the number of years a person can have as an animal. 

3.      Age on different planets

Science and other-oriented people are the most interested in knowing their planet’s age. They are the most likely to use the planet age feature of this calculator. You will be surprised to know how old you would be if you lived on other planets, such as Mars or Jupiter. All you need is to add your date of birth to this age calculator. 

4.      Age in other time units

Humans decided to calculate their age in years. This is beyond perfect as they can celebrate their birthday once a year. However, you would be surprised to know that you can know your age in other time units, such as months, minutes, seconds, weeks, days, hours, and much more. The feature of age in time units is one of the most interesting features of this age calculator. 

5.      Know other attributes

You can learn a lot of this using an age calculator. Age calculator gives additional information, such as your zodiac sign, sun sign compatibility, suitable color, lucky numbers, and much more. All this information can make an age calculator worth using. A person should choose the most suitable age calculator to know these things. 


These are some of the most significant things that you need to know about the age calculator. You can have fun using age calculators. Moreover, you can use it to calculate half birthday, animal age, planet age, and age of your friend or relative using an age calculator. Check out this most amazing age calculator and check age, birthdays, half birthdays and more interesting facts about yourself and your family, friends and loved ones.