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Airi Shimizu 清水あいり Age, Height, Affairs And Net Worth, Movies 

Many of the models from Japanese countries are famous in the world. But, the Airi Shimizu is one of the favorite and youngest social stars and most famous in the country. So, if you need WiKi information about this girl, check all the things given below, from her personal life to career and relationship status and her net worth. Moreover, we are here to provide complete information on Bio, WiKi’s Relationship status, and profession as she is a famous model and actor of Japan. But, she has some means facts about her also give in this topic, and you can check all thing you need to know about Airi Shimizu (清水あいり).

Personal Information Of Airi Shimizu

Airi is a famous model and young social media star of japan. She is a variant of Tarento. Airi Shimizu was born at Hirakata Osaka in December 17, 1992. So, she is only 29 years old with her age and looks perfect. The birth country is Japan. This famous actor and model celebrate her birthday every December of 17. Moreover, the best zodiac sign of the Airi is Sagittarius. Therefore, this young 清水あいり start looks perfect and attractive in her body shape.

It is the personal life of 清水あいり that she spent her early life at Hirakata Osaka with her family. But, she is a Taranto variant and looks perfect for modeling work. Moreover, we have no information about the Airi Shimizu family status. But, we will update you soon about her family’s parents with her name and her siblings. Overall, this Japanese actor is very famous and also well-educated with her excellent education level. But, she focuses on working in front of the camera, looks more attractive with her body, and puts all images.

Body Height And Weight Of Airi Shimizu (清水あいり)

It is also about the body looks of this young model and very famous star to look perfect. Overall, the body and figure look perfect and make this young girl attractive. So, the hip-hop position of the body in Airi is excellent and is a crush of many boys in the world. But, the bodyweight is not high, and almost 58kg, and height is about 5ft 3 inches.

But, the body measurement is about 42-24-36 and makes the perfect chest. She always wears a bra cup the size of 34-C. Thus, their body and age are also good to make her a famous good actor in Japan. She is a variant of Toronto and also good to do acting in the two best movies. Overall, the body is slim and fit, with her long blonde hair in black color and bluish eyes also make her perfect.

Profession And Career Of 清水あいり (Air Shimizu)

The Airi is loyal with her career and doing work in the profession. She is a famous social media star. But, the more fame Airi get in her life of acting and done two films and one TV show. So, these give fame, and her profile over Instagram also looks perfect. Therefore, by profession, Airi is the very best actor and also doing modeling at Japan industry.

Moreover, she also works for different brands and ambassadors. But, you can say that this is the best girl and continually work to earn much more in her life. Overall, her profession is modeling and acting, and she also wants to do this work in the future as the world’s best model. 

Social Media Profile Information Of (Airi Shimizu) 清水あいり

Social media is the best platform that gives good fame to many of the people in the world. So, the girls also get good fame and also make new followers quickly. Therefore, this Japanese girl of Hirakata Osaka is very famous on Instagram. She created her account in 2013, and now she has good fame of about 1.2M followers. Airi always puts her stories over Instagram in her swimwear dress and short bikini dresses and looks attractive.

So, her tiny body is eye-catching, and many people like her. Therefore, a total post of 1190 over this account shows that she has good fame, and many boys and young people like her show her love for Shimizu. Moreover, she has all other accounts on Twitter, Facebook page, and also youtube channel. So, 清水あいり has a youtube channel, and she also added new videos in her perfect voice, and also bikini dress makes more attractive. Thus, Airi Shimizu has the mission to create the ideal profiles and do this work of Instagram modeling to make the best career.

Relationship Status Of Airi Shimizu (清水あいり)

Airi is single and has not had an affair or love seen with someone. But, we cannot confirm about her past life if she is engaged or not. However, she has decided to work for herself and make a promising career. So, she only needs the best modeling work to get more fame in her life. But, the Instagram account is growing day by day, and she gets good fame in the future. Therefore, she has decided to work for her career and focus only on the profession.

What Is The Net Worth Of Airi Shimizu?

Airi is a young social media star of Japan. She belongs to the best family from Hirakata Osaka and doing modeling in her life. But, Airi is a famous model on Instagram, works for brands, and appears in two movies and 1 TV show. So, she has earned a handsome amount and living a perfect life. But, the net worth is estimated at $1M or above it. However, she will get good earning in her future life. Thus, she is a rich and famous model.