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Cute Kids’ Bathroom Ideas That’ll Grow Up With Them

We all love our kids and there isn’t much we wouldn’t do for them. One thing that is constant with kids is that they tend to grow up pretty fast. Kids seem to outgrow everything quickly and pretty soon you’re doing it over again. When you are decorating the kid’s bathroom, it is important to decorate it in ways that they won’t grow out of. This will ensure you don’t have to decorate the bathroom every few years, and you can save some money to use elsewhere. Some kid’s bathroom ideas they won’t soon grow out of include:

Open Shelving

Open shelving is mostly employed to create storage space in the bathroom. You can store towels and other kid items in it. So long as all items are kept at a length where the kids can reach, then it will be an excellent addition to the bathroom. Open shelves afford a great storage option and allow air to reach your towels and clothes folded in the bathroom. It helps prevent terrible odors in the bathroom. As your kids grow older, they will simply use the higher shelves for storage. Open shelving storage helps to make the bathroom look neater and more pleasing.

Floor To Ceiling Marble

One way to make your bathroom look more appealing is to cover it in marble. It doesn’t matter whether it is a bathroom for adults or for children, marbles will help increase the aesthetic value. In this technique, the entire floor, wall, and ceiling are covered in marble. To increase the effect, you can use the same marble finishing all across the bathroom. Seeing as this effect is appealing to both adults and kids, your kids won’t grow out of it. The only thing you will have to worry about here, is the color of the marbles, as neutral colors are best for this technique.

Wallpaper Bathroom

Wallpapers are a great option for finishing the walls of a bathroom as they are less expensive than paint and easier to replace. Wallpapers are also notably durable and can serve for a long time. You can opt for plain designs or simple patterns that can serve both adults and kids. You can get creative and install wallpaper with an intriguing pattern, something to keep them busy. Provided you don’t select a pattern that will be deemed too childish, there is little chance of the kids growing out of it. If perchance they do grow out of it, you can always change the wallpaper easily.

Double Vanities

If you have more than one kid sharing a bathroom, then you will be no stranger to conflict when the kids are getting ready. Installing a double vanity in the bathroom will put an end to the conflict. Be sure that the double vanity isn’t kids sized or you will have to replace it as they grow. The kids won’t outgrow a double vanity and it will remain in the bathroom through the years as the kids grow and go off to college. A double vanity can serve even when there is only one kid in the house. If necessary, you can let visitors use it, serving multiple guests simultaneously.

Traditional Vanities

Certain colors never go out of style and all age groups find them fascinating and appealing. Traditional vanities featuring white and black colors are the best for all kinds of bathrooms, for all ages. If perchance, you have adults who use the kids’ bathroom as well, they won’t feel out of place. Whether you are going with a marble wall or painting it, a mixture of white and black is very effective. You can use stripped colors or get a striped shower curtain to serve as a focal point in the bathroom. With traditional vanities, your kids will feel comfortable for as long as they use the bathroom.

Installing some of these features may need some technique and will involve some destruction. You can opt for a full bathroom remodel, ensuring that everything will be done by professionals. In the end, you will get a bathroom that your kids will love for a long time.


Decorating a kids’ bathroom is a fun project that anyone can take on comfortably. With the right design, you won’t have to worry about your kids growing out of it anytime soon, keeping the bathroom remodel to a minimum.