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Freddie Gibbs’ Girlfriend

Freddie Gibbs’ girlfriend, life, and career, including his past relationships and current romance with Jasmine Greenaway. Fredrick Jamel Tipton, known as Freddie Gibbs, became a prominent American rapper. In 2006, Interscope Records signed him and he worked on his debut album. Due to executive turmoil, its release was canceled and Gibbs left the label. Despite this setback, he joined Young Jeezy’s CTE World in 2011. He released several mixtapes here, including 2012’s “Baby Face Killa” which garnered attention. Gibbs left CTE in early 2013 to start ESGN, a tribute to his debut studio album released later that year. Gibbs’ later releases, notably “Shadow of a Doubt” (2015) and “You Only Live 2wice” (2017), gained praise and moderate economic success. A critical success, “Freddie” (2018) cemented his status in rap’s top.

Gibbs’ fifth album, “Soul Sold Separately” (2022), his first with Warner Records, peaked at number 11 on the Billboard 200. Gibbs excelled in solo performances and collaborated with Madlib in “MadGibbs,” releasing notable works including “Piñata” (2014) and “Bandana” (2019). His collaborations with the Alchemist produced “Fetti” (2018), a collaboration with rapper Currensy, and “Alfredo” (2020), which was nominated for a Grammy for Best Rap Album at the 63rd Annual Grammy Awards.

Freddie Gibbs Profile Summary

Full NameFredrick Jamel Tipton
NameFreddie Gibbs
Net Worth (2024)$5 Million
Date of BirthJune 14, 1982
Date of PlaceGary, Indiana, U.S.
Age41Years old 
ProfessionAmerican rapper-songwriter
Monthly Income$45,000 +
Yearly Income$0.3 Million +
Yearly Expense$0.5 Million +
Record labelsInterscope Records, EMPIRE, CTE World, Warner Records, Keep Cool Records, Decon, No Tamin
Member ofMadGibbs; P.O.C.
Years active2004–present

Freddie Gibbs Dating History 

Destini Creams-Freddie Gibbs Relationship

In 2020, Freddie Gibbs, known for his honesty, dated adult film actor Destini Creams. Gibbs started their relationship on Instagram by sending her direct messages. Destini said Gibbs was knowledgeable and encouraging despite her job. They grew close with unflinching confidence in public.

Fast Love and European Baecation

Freddie and Destini’s love affair grew quickly, ending in a romantic European holiday early on. Destini captured Gibbs kissing her cheek against the Eiffel Tower. However, unexpected trials threatened their joy.

Change and Alternation

When Freddie and Destini fought in Buffalo, New York, their relationship was tested. The altercation was captured on film and went viral. Rapper Benny the Butcher was suspected of arranging the incident, straining their friendship.

Pregnancy Disclosure and Relationship Stress

Destini’s nine-week pregnancy announcement in December 2022 complicated their relationship. Despite discussions about starting a family, Freddie Gibbs expressed reservations about motherhood, causing conflict between them. They had difficult conversations regarding abortion as their picture of a future family varied. Unfortunately, their negotiations failed to bridge the gap and resulted in their tragic breakup.

Closure and Financial Fallout

Destini said she stopped paying Freddie Gibbs’ phone bill after their breakup. This financial split symbolized the end of their relationship, highlighting their complex relationship.

Freddie Gibbs’ ex-girlfriend threatened to post a compromising photo

Destini told her Twitter followers that she decided not to terminate her and Freddie’s pregnant kid. Her doctor confirmed her 12-week pregnancy, contrary to her first impression of nine weeks. Her ultrasound viewing of the baby’s movement convinced her against abortion.

After seeing his ex-partner’s tweets, Freddie responded with additional tweets downplaying the incident. He blocked Destini on the platform, causing her to confess she had a private photo of Freddie. Destini described Freddie’s behavior as “Blocking me on Twitter while I have a picture of you spreading your a–h— in my phone is insane,” but she didn’t share the image. Despite Destini’s wishes, the reported photo went viral, making “Spreading Gibbs” a Twitter trend. Fans recreated Freddie’s risqué posture for fun. Freddie laughed off the reports on Instagram and Twitter.

Freddie Gibbs has numerous moms.

Destini’s pregnancy may increase Freddie’s fatherhood duties. This would make Freddie a father of four, with three children from previous relationships before Destini. Freddie Jr. is his first child with Kimber Henry. Freddie also has a daughter with Erica Dickerson, his ex-fiancee. Erica sued Freddie over custody after their 2015 breakup.

Raven Tatum, Freddie’s third child’s mother, also fought with the rapper. In 2022, Freddie called Raven a “rat” for suing him for child support in “Grandma’s Stove.” Twitter users slammed Freddie for mocking his child’s mother.

Freddie Gibbs Dating History

Musician Freddie Gibbs was engaged to Erica Dickerson, with whom he had a daughter Irie. They battled over child custody and maintenance after their divorce. Gibbs has kept his new girlfriend’s identity confidential despite his famous profile. Celebrities’ right to privacy must be respected since they separate their personal and public lives. Fans may want to know about their favorite celebs’ romances, but they should keep their privacy.

Who’s Freddie Gibbs’s ex-girlfriend? 

After his 2015 daughter Irie was born with Erica Dickerson, Freddie Gibbs was involved in a court struggle. Erica requested custody and child support after their divorce. The custody and child support petition was hidden, but the court sought both parents’ income and expenditure affidavits to determine support.

Legal professionals are needed to navigate such complex legal matters. Gibbs’ career thrived despite legal issues. His album “Alfredo” with The Alchemist reached number 15 on the Billboard 200, proving his musical longevity and skill. In June 2020, he signed with Warner Records, confirming his rise in music. Despite his professional success, Gibbs’ legal issues returned, casting a shadow over the custody and support conflict. His 2016 arrest and deportation to Austria for rape complicated matters. Legal issues highlighted the interdependence of personal and professional life and the far-reaching effects of legal issues on one’s life and job.

Freddie Gibbs Now girlfriend 

On Valentine’s Day, rapper and songwriter Freddie Gibbs revealed his growing romance with model and influencer Jasmine Greenaway on social media. The announcement, accompanied by a touching movie expressing their love, spurred discussions about internet relationships. The famous rapper Freddie Gibbs announced his new relationship with Jasmine Greenaway on Valentine’s Day. The 41-year-old singer announced the news on social media, marking a milestone in their relationship. Destini, known as The Fit Mami, Gibbs’ ex-girlfriend, issued a diss track accusing him of missing a month before this reveal.

Who is Jasmine Greenaway?

Jasmine Greenaway excels as a technologist, software engineering educator, speaker, and technical community organizer. She has full-stack web development experience in retail, gaming, and developer tooling.

Freddie Gibbs Instagram


Freddie Gibbs, a famous American rapper and songwriter, uses Instagram, Twitter, and Facebook. Instagram is where @freddiegibbs posts about his music, personal life, and projects. Followers can view intriguing photos and videos of his performances, tours, and recording sessions as well as interesting collaborations with other artists on this platform. Gibbs promotes his music and items on Instagram, giving fans a behind-the-scenes look at his creative process. Personal experiences with family and friends enrich the feed despite his professional pursuits. Fans looking for real-time updates on Freddie Gibbs’ latest projects and milestones may check out his Instagram profile, which has over 118K followers and a verified blue.

Freddie Gibbs Twitter

The famous American rapper and composer Freddie Gibbs tweets @FreddieGibbs. He talks to fans, shares music, and promotes his skills here. His Twitter feed is a dynamic tapestry of new releases, tour announcements, and career updates. Gibbs discusses politics and pop culture in addition to music. Instead of just retweeting, he actively reacts to fans, building community.

With 530.6K followers, Freddie Gibbs is influential on Twitter. His quick wit and charisma in his tweets make him a popular commentator. His Twitter presence becomes a bustling forum for people to follow his latest projects and enjoy his distinct perspective and humor.


Q: Who is Freddie Gibbs’ ex-girlfriend?

Freddie Gibbs’ ex-girlfriend is Erica Dickerson, with whom he shares a daughter named Irie. They engaged in a legal battle over custody and child support after their separation.

Q: How many children does Freddie Gibbs have?

Freddie Gibbs is a father of four children. He has a son named Freddie Jr. with Kimber Henry, a daughter with Erica Dickerson, and another child with Raven Tatum. Destini Creams, his ex-girlfriend, is reportedly pregnant with their child.

Q: Who is Jasmine Greenaway?

Jasmine Greenaway is Freddie Gibbs’ current girlfriend. She is an Instagram model, social media influencer, blogger, and content curator known for her engaging content and influential presence online.

Q: What legal issues has Freddie Gibbs faced?

Freddie Gibbs faced legal issues, including a 2016 arrest and deportation to Austria for rape allegations. Additionally, he has been involved in custody and child support disputes with his ex-partners.


Freddie Gibbs, a famous American rapper and songwriter, has overcome many personal and professional challenges. Gibbs has overcome custody fights and legal issues to succeed. Fans and his community are abuzz over his new romance with Jasmine Greenaway, which marks a new chapter in his life. Freddie Gibbs, known for his musical talent, keen wit, and persistence, maintains his status as a significant rap figure by frequently sharing updates and interacting with his following on Instagram and Twitter.

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