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Health Talk: Sleep And Sleep Calculators

Do you sometimes suffer from a lack of sleep? Are there instances where you feel like taking a nap all of a sudden? Do you get enough sleep and yet feel like you did not rest at all? It might be time that you start changing your sleeping habits. You might also want to make use of a sleep calculator. After all, sleep is one of the most crucial factors that affect the body. Without it, you will have difficulty doing even the most basic of things. What is the best time to sleep? And how about waking up? But why is it all-important at all? And how about sleep calculators? What are they? You better stick around because we are about to find out.

Fundamental Check: Sleep Calculators

A sleep calculator is a device or practically anything that suggests the ideal time for you to go to bed. In addition, a sleep calculator lets you calculate the best time to wake up in the morning. There are literally dozens of sleep calculators you can use, including the Puffy sleep time calculator. You can try it out, and you won’t lose anything.

Something About Sleeping Cycles

A sleeping cycle is an activity that happens once you fall into slumber. Your brain undergoes a ton of activities during a sleep cycle. Such activities have patterns that revolve around eye movement and muscle movement. And with these patterns come two primary sleeping cycles: REM sleep and Non-REM sleep.

  • REM sleep

Rapid eye movement or REM sleep is a type of sleep that occurs an hour after you hit the sack. It is during REM sleep where you have dreams.

  • Non-REM sleep

Non-REM sleep focuses on three main parts. During the last two stages is where you are under a deep sleep. Studies and experience dictate that it is very rough to wake up from deep sleep.

A complete sleeping cycle is ninety to a hundred minutes. And as your rest progresses, your body will undergo cycles between REM and Non-REM sleep.


Sleep: How Much Does An Individual Need?

The truth is that every age group has a different requirement when it comes to sleep. Find out more below.

  • An infant needs to have at least 15 hours of sleep peacefully per day.
  • Toddlers and preschoolers require about 11 to 12 hours of sleep every day.
  • Teenagers need to have a good eight-hour sleep daily.
  • Adults should have at least seven to eight hours of sleep every day.
  • Pregnant women need more rest time during the first three months of their pregnancy.

How Crucial Is Sleeping Anyway?

Sleep is paramount for the well-being and health of any individual. It is a must if you want to stay in shape. It is also ideal if you wish to do your daily things. Plus, a decent amount of rest will shower you with tons of benefits. Read about some of them below.

  • Sleeping well will help out with hormonal release. Hormonal release handles your growth and health. The more you sleep, the better you become. And just imagine that height difference!
  • Sleeping also helps your brain function way better.
  • You will have less time worrying about heart conditions when you sleep well.
  • Sleeping also assists in weight loss management. We aren’t fooling around with this one.
  • The practice will allow you to improve on your agility and physical capabilities.
  • Are you not a fan of depression? That’s great. Sleeping helps reduce the risk of getting depression.

Sticking With A Sleep Routine: Is It Worth It?

The short answer to that question is a solid yes. And using a sleep calculator will improve results tenfold. Once you start with a schedule, your body will follow suit. It is no doubt that sleeping and waking up properly will grant you more energy for the day. And after your body adjusts, you will use that alarm clock way less each day. Here are some tips for that sleep routine.

  • Never use electronic gadgets before you sleep. Although using one might make you sleepy, it is better that you refrain from them. Doing so will leave your brain with fewer distractions to worry about at all.
  • Take some time and meditate. A lot of people around the world have a hard time sleeping due to overthinking. Meditating will help clear your mind from unnecessary thinking.
  • Drink something warm before you hit the sack. A cup of tea or milk helps so much. A cold one is a tempting thing, but it will not help you sleep at all.
  • Decorate and tidy up your bedroom or sleeping area. Doing will let you relax in that setting even better. The faster you will fall asleep. Decorating will also improve the place’s aesthetic value.

What Happens When You Do Not Get Enough Sleep?

The body will suffer from plenty of things when you do not get enough sleep. Here are some of them:

  • You will have difficulties being alert as you deal with everyday activities and rountines.
  • Excessive daytime sleepiness, which means you will feel sleepy and tired most of the day
  • All the exercises you do will have no value at all.
  • You will have a difficult time memorizing and recalling things.
  • You will have a hard time participating in daily activities.
  • Lack of sleep will make you feel moody, which can affect your relationship with the rest of your family.
  • In addition, lack of sleep can affect how you look physically. You will suffer from wrinkles, eye bags, and dark circles under your eyes.

One Final Note

Using a sleep calculator will change how you sleep for good. But it is also up to you to rise to the challenge. Don’t rely on the calculator alone. Eat properly. Do a lot of exercises, and think positively. Not only will all of these improve your sleeping experience. It will all have a positive effect on how you live your life.