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How to Navigate a Complicated Relationship

Some people will remain in a relationship classified by the term “complicated” for all the time they live. It could be because they are simply addicted to the emotional rollercoaster and accompanying tension. It could also be that they don’t know how to transform their relationship from a thorny question mark to something that is solid and solid.

There could be many reasons due to which people experience different types of problems in their relationships. It could be due to commitment issues or trust issues, lengthy distances, or even abuse problems. It’s just a matter that they did not know how to work out and resolve such issues and make relationships happier than before. Sometimes, it’s successful but other times it does not, however, know what you need to do will help lead you to the correct conclusion.

What actually complicated relationship is?

It’s true, however, emotions and love between couples aren’t always straightforward. Anyone who has used social media platforms is likely to have been aware of the complex relationship status of Facebook.

Did you ever think about the reason that lead to this complicated situation in your relationship? What the meaning is of complicated in the context of a relationship?

When a relationship gets hazy and participants are unable to see clearly, it could be safely assumed that the relationship has become complex. The reasons for these murky waters are numerous and diverse and important to address the most common.

How to Deal With Changes

If you notice something has changed in your relationship, whether it’s big or small, here are some suggestions for you to navigate this effectively.

Examine possible causes for the changes

Certain changes you notice in yourself or your partner may be an indication that they’re experiencing either a mental or physical health illness, such as depression. If you suspect that this is the case, you should consider speaking to them with compassion and asking if there’s anything you could do to assist them.

In other instances, it’s possible that your partner’s behaviour change may not represent a change in the slightest. In fact, it could be something they’ve been doing for years and now, due to some reason, they’re starting to get annoyed with you.

In this instance, you might consider conducting some soul-searching to determine the issue to determine if it’s something you are willing to accept. If not, then try to discuss this with your partner to come to an agreement or compromise that is beneficial to each of you.

Focus on the root of the issue

A way to address an altering partner is to consider: What is it about this difference that I am not happy about? When you know what it is, you’ll then be able to convey your frustrations more effectively.

As an example instead of saying “I dislike this new acquaintance you’ve made,” you could explain to your friend: “I’m glad you found an individual you’d like to hang out with, however, I’m not sure we’re getting as much quality time with them that I’d prefer.

Communicate to be understood

If something doesn’t feel right in a relationship communicating is crucial to understanding the other’s view.

For major changes such as an ex-partner who suddenly does not want to have children. It could be a sign to look into the possible causes.

Perhaps they really would desire children, but are worried that they’ll not be able to provide for the cost of raising them. When you know the motives for this change and work together to alleviate their worries.

Be aware of when changes could be important to know about

When your spouse has changed manner that you’re sure that you’ll be having a hard time living with or acting in a way that is abusive or hurtful. Sometimes, it’s best to break up the relationship. It’s okay.

The decision to end relationships isn’t simple however, sometimes it’s the most effective solution for both partners and just one.

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Stop distorting your reality

Everybody has their own way of distorted perceptions to view the world and the other world with more care. The problem is what price we pay for these distortions as well as the amount of time we’re willing in creating these distortions.

One of the ways to solve this problem is to comprehend the cause of the distortions that you create regarding relationships that benefit you in a certain way but harm you in other ways.

Find Your Contribution

You have to identify the main cause that is responsible for ruining your relationship with your partner. The relationship is a co-constructed one even if you see your partner as the root of the problems within your relationship there are ways that you’re allowing the behaviour to continue.

It is possible to write down the negative behaviours you are contributing. Recognizing your role in the situation gives you authority and control in the direction of the problem.

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