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Kim gravel husband

Kim Gravel and Travis Gravel have been married for over 22 years as of 2023.

Kim Gravel’s husband, Travis Gravel, stands by her side as she navigates fame. Her journey from beauty queen to TV star was great. Kim and her younger sister, Allisyn Varalla, were raised in Georgia on family and hard labor. Kim’s Atlanta-based parents married on August 5, 1966. Jo, from Loris, South Carolina, graduated from Loris High School and taught pageants at The Pageant Place. Kim’s education is unknown, however, she had a basic education like most people. Kim is most notable for her contributions to the pageant industry.

Kim joined Beloved because she loved singing since childhood. Before leaving, lyricist and main vocalist Kim honed her craft. Kim Gravel became popular in 1991 after winning Miss Georgia at 19. This victory propelled her into the spotlight and opened several industry doors. Kim later represented Georgia in Miss America and was an American Goodwill Ambassador to Japan. After retiring from pageants, Kim mentored young ladies who wanted to succeed. Her television show, “Kim of Queens,” showcases her mentorship and expertise to inspire future beauty queens.

Who is Kim Gravel’s Husband?

Kim Gravel shines in the spotlight, but her husband Travis prefers privacy Travis modeled before marrying Kim. Despite his quiet lifestyle, Travis participated in “Lust for Lists” with @LoriMajewski in 2019 and 2022. Kim appreciated Travis on Instagram for his insightful stories. Travis discreetly helps Kim shine.

Kim and Travis Gravel’s Love Story 

Kim married Travis Gravel in a small family and friend ceremony on August 16, 2001. Their clandestine courtship enhances their romance.

Kim is a famous person, unlike Travis, who prefers privacy. Despite their different public profiles, the couple has kept their early dating experiences private. Over the past two decades, their relationship has grown, turning into a loving marriage.

How’s the Gravel family life?

They are proud parents of Blanton and Beau, born in 2010 and 2012, after more than two decades of marriage. Kim routinely posts photos of their family on Instagram, demonstrating their closeness.

Kim is comforted by her granny and Papa’s love and support for her sons. They add warmth and caring to Blanton and Beau’s lives. The Gravel family enjoys a simple life and time together. Despite their responsibilities, they prioritize family time, whether it’s on vacation or at home. Their fans often ask about their happy, harmonious family life.

Her Professional Achievements? 

Kim Gravel’s story highlights resilience, determination, and dreams. Kim became famous after winning Miss Georgia in 1991, appearing in “Drop Dead Diva” (2009), “Kim of Queens” (2013), and “Steve Harvey” (2012). People avidly follow her exploits on social media due to her charisma and flair. Kim may be earning $10 million as a businesswoman in addition to her TV career. Her apparel company, “Belle By Kim Gravel,” is popular for its elegant, comfy designs. Kim launched “Belle Beauty,” a makeup line with QVC, demonstrating her ability to boost women’s confidence and beauty.

Kim’s accomplishments go beyond business. She empowers others and inspires them at events as a licensed life coach, mentor, and adviser. Her sold-out Atlanta women’s conferences empower women to reach their potential and goals. Kim Gravel represents hope and inspiration, showing that everything is possible with determination and enthusiasm. Kim’s journey from beauty queen to TV star to successful entrepreneur shows how persistence and dedication may achieve aspirations. She influenced entertainment and fashion, and her legacy inspires people worldwide.

Who is Kim Gravel?

Kim Gravel is famous for her work as a TV personality, beauty pageant coach, and public speaker. With her compelling appearance on QVC’s “Kim of Queens,” Kim has become a TV sensation. Her career includes being elected Miss Georgia at 19, the youngest champion in pageant history.

Kim Gravel is acclaimed for her public speaking and captivating appearances on Steve Harvey’s show, in addition to her pageant accomplishments. Her brilliance, charisma, and determination have garnered critical accolades in the entertainment sector. Kim Gravel’s legacy is her outstanding accomplishments and unwavering dedication to excellence.

Kim Gravel’s Early Life

She was born in South Carolina to Brooks and Jo Hardee on July 27, 1971. Kim and her younger sister Allisyn Varalla grew up amid Georgia’s dynamic cityscape. Her Atlanta-based parents married on August 5, 1966. At The Pageant Place, Loris, South Carolina native Jo discovered her niche as a pageant educator.

Kim’s singing talent began early, although her education is unknown. She joined the band Beloved, where she shined as a lyricist and lead vocalist. Although her time with the group was brief, it started her artistic path and self-discovery.

Kim Gravel Education 

Public documents reveal little about Kim Gravel’s official education. Her early life and career are well documented, but her educational institutions and awards are unknown. Due to public information shortages, providing a complete educational background for Kim Gravel is difficult.

Kim Gravel Career


Kim Gravel’s career interweaves television popularity, entrepreneurial success, and inspirational leadership. At 19, she became one of the youngest Miss Georgias, launching her into the national spotlight. She demonstrated her leadership and communication talents as Miss America and US Goodwill Ambassador to Japan. Kim’s honest and pragmatic approach propelled her to fame, leading to appearances on The Steve Harvey Show and her starring part in Lifetime’s “Kim of Queens” In 2016, her innovative QVC cooperation launched Belle by Kim Gravel clothes, followed by Belle Beauty cosmetics a year later.

Outside of her entrepreneurial pursuits, Kim is a credentialed life coach, respected mentor, trusted counsel, and sought-after consultant noted for her compassionate yet direct approach. Her keynote presentations on women’s empowerment, motivational storytelling, and beauty standards reflect her enthusiasm and honesty throughout her career.

Kim Gravel  Networth 

Kim Gravel’s $10 million net worth reflects her work as a TV personality, entrepreneur, and businesswoman. Gravel has made money with her apparel label “Belle By Kim Gravel” and cosmetics line “Belle Beauty.” Her social media presence has also increased her status and wealth. Gravel’s leadership in women’s empowerment and motivational speaking has boosted her career and wealth.


Q: When was Kim Gravel born?

Kim Gravel was born on July 27, 1971.

Q: Who are Kim Gravel’s parents?

Kim Gravel’s parents are Brooks and Jo Hardee.

Q: When did Kim Gravel get married?

Kim Gravel married Travis Gravel on August 16, 2001.

Q: How many children does Kim Gravel have?

Kim Gravel has two sons, Blanton and Beau, born in 2010 and 2012, respectively.

Q: What is Kim Gravel’s net worth?

Kim Gravel’s net worth is estimated to be around $10 million.

Q: What are Kim Gravel’s notable career achievements?

Kim Gravel’s notable career achievements include winning the Miss Georgia Beauty Pageant, appearing on TV shows like “Drop Dead Diva” and “Steve Harvey,” and launching her clothing brand, “Belle By Kim Gravel,” and cosmetics line, “Belle Beauty.”


Kim Gravel’s rise from beauty queen to television star and successful entrepreneur is a monument to her perseverance, determination, and passion for her craft. After 20 years married to Travis Gravel and raising two sons, she gracefully balances her personal and business lives. Kim’s impact goes beyond fashion and entertainment, from her Miss Georgia title to her mentorship and motivational speaking. Her legacy inspires tenacity and unflinching dedication to one’s goals.

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