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Rachel Ann Weiss Biography

Rachel Ann Weiss Bio

Rachel Ann Weiss is a famous singer, composer, and performer from New York. She is best comprehended; as the only daughter of the famous Body Heat actress Kathleen Turner and her ex-spouse, Jay Weiss.

Ann is 35 years old as of 2022, she was; brooked on 14 October 1987 in New York City, New York, United States of America. She memorializes her birthday on the 14th of October every year and her dawn sign is Libra.

Rachel was; brooked to Kathleen Turner and Jay Weiss in New York City as the only children. Her mother is a famous actress; they divorced in 2007, and her parents disconnected. Presently, she has a more youthful half-sibling sister anointed Marlow from her father’s recent connection.

As the daughter of powerful patrons of the arts, Rachel had a good, lyrical profession start firing a moderately prosperous album, cruising on tours with the tastes of other star kids, and having her jingles featured in plays, flicks, and even video games.

Weiss has been composing melodies for years. Some carols; from her cluster, Dear Love also drove their path to the Netflix dating; in fact, the television sequel Love Is Blind is the play’s quality piece of music. Worth noting is that Love Island (US) featured her melody If I Wish on; in one of its bouts.

Rachel Ann Weiss is more than merely Kathleen Turner’s daughter or a famous artist. Know how she arrived to pick a slightly different profession from her mother’s. Also, inspect how her association with her Hollywood mother is along with an in-depth look at her intimate and professional vigor.

The only offspring of Jay Weiss and Kathleen Turner, Rachel Ann Weiss, was brooked on October 14, 1987. She was brooked and grown in NYC.


  • Rachel Ann Weiss is comprehended for her appointment on Little Monsters in 1989, The Balancing Act in 2014, and Entertainment Tonight in 1981.
  • Daughter of Kathleen Turner and Jay Weiss
  • Niece of Donna Karan and Stephan Weiss
  • Singer.

Birth Name:

Rachel Ann Weiss


Rachel Ann Weiss is; comprehended for Little Monsters in 1989, The Balancing Act in 2014, and Entertainment Tonight in 1981.


Kathleen Turner


  1. 1989-Little Monsters
  2. 2014-The Balancing Act (Documentary)
  3. 2006-2013 Entertainment Tonight (TV Series)
  4. 2005-The 59th Annual Tony… (TV Special)