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Tournaments for Online Pokies

It seems that online casino game fans are always trying to do two things – get in as much playing time as they possibly can and win big, preferably while spending small. If you are an experienced player, you’ve probably experimented with a few different games on the Internet. Now you’re looking for something new and exciting. Why not try online pokies (short for “poker machines”), the Australian version of slots? Aussies are well known enjoying a good time, and that what pokies will provide for you. Generally featuring five reels, with colorful artwork and themes, there are plenty of pokies to choose from and plenty of ways to maximize your gaming. Free spins, bonus buy slot games, fantastic multipliers, challenging progressives and wilds of every stripe … all give you extra gaming, extra fun and extra chances to win.

Pokies Tournaments

Pokies tournaments are especially popular because of their great prizes and minimal costs. As the name suggests, online pokies tournaments are organized competitions where many gamers from around the world meet to play against each other for chips that can lead to cool jackpots. Entrance fees are usually quite reasonable, no more than a few dollars; some tournaments even offer free entry. All players must register with the host casino. Tournaments can be either set up with a fixed starting time that is scheduled in advance, or they may be what is called “sit and go,” meaning the competition will start only when a certain minimum number of players have registered. Most casinos will also organize private tournaments for you and a group of friends.

Tips for Play

Make sure you have an Internet connection that is fast enough for the game. Novice players might want to practice before entering a tournament. The AUD casinos offer pokies games that you can play as often as you like with no charge, a great way to hone your gaming skills. Make sure you understand the rules and the terminology. Register with the casino ahead of time, so you will be ready on the day itself. Verify how long a period you will be allowed to play for and decide when you want to take advantage of this period. Usually, the action is the most intense and exciting towards the end of game. Play fast for the best chance of taking home the jackpot.

Finding Pokies Tournaments

Look around for the best pokies tournaments, with top prizes for low entry fees. Find beginning times and days that suit you. You can check on the Internet for information about upcoming tournaments, either by checking with your favorite online pokies casino or searching for gaming review websites. You may be lucky enough to find detailed charts listing everything you need to know about future tournaments, from date to jackpot amount. Gaming forums will give you opinions from actual players about the best tournaments. 

Online Pokies and Safety

What springs to mind when you think about online casino games? Fast paced excitement, eye catching color and fantastic prizes are common descriptions from folks who know and love playing games of chance on the Internet. And it’s true that these games are a great source of entertainment and relaxation, as well as potentially life changing jackpots. Among all the wonderful assortment of casino games on the Net these days, some of the most popular are online pokies, short for “poker machines,” which is Australian slang for slot machines. Pokies offer you fast action, cool graphics and sound effects and some great prizes. However, when playing pokies – as with all online casino games – safety should be a top consideration.

Be Cautious of Strangers

The Internet brings people together. When you’re playing a multi-player game or competing in an online pokies’ tournament, you get the opportunity to meet fellow gamers from exotic countries around the globe and to chat on a one-to-one basis, if you wish. If you are looking for a first-class online casino, or need some advice about a particular game that is puzzling you, you can reach out very easily for immediate help. However, this coziness and feeling of community, pleasant as it is, can be a drawback at times. You don’t really know who you are talking to. Be careful about revealing your personal information, especially passwords of any kind, banking info or financial details, to strangers over the Internet.

Pay Safe

Playing pokies or any other casino game online involves the transfer of sums of money, often large ones. Before registering with a particular casino, check out this place you are going to be trusting with your hard-earned cash. Careful reading of casino reviews and player comments on the Internet will let you know whether the casino is trustworthy or has been blacklisted as a rogue. Next, which payment methods do they accept? Consider not only what is fastest and most convenient for you, but also which is most secure. (Also remember that the method you use to make deposits to your casino account is generally the method they will use for payouts to you, as well.) All financial transactions should be handled with high quality encryption.

Play Safe

Another way to safeguard your money is to make sure that the casino plays fair. See for yourself that all online pokies rules and pay tables are clear and understandable. Should you happen to have a question about any of the points, you can phone, instant message or email customer support, which is usually available 24/7. It is best to join a casino that is committed to the fair play standards established by industry watchdog organizations. If this is true, then you will have a third party to go to for arbitration in case of any dispute.