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Where is Junior H from?

On April 23, 2001, in Cerano, Guanajuato, Mexico, Antonio Herrera Pérez was born.

Where is Junior H from? Junior H, born Antonio Herrera Pérez on April 23, 2000, is a famous Mexican singer-songwriter. Junior H, born Antonio Herrera Pérez on April 23, 2000, is a famous Mexican singer-songwriter and corridos tumbados activist. His early studio albums earned him worldwide appreciation for his genre-defining efforts.

Who is Junior H?

Junior H (Antonio Herrera Pérez) is a prominent figure in Mexican music, particularly in corridos tumbados and sierreño genres. Born on April 23, 2000, in beautiful Cerano, Guanajuato, Mexico, his musical career began early. Despite not playing instruments, he wrote songs with a friend. At 15, Junior H relocated to Utah with his family. When he was 17, he worked at a sandwich shop while playing guitar. Unknown to his family and friends, Junior H published his original compositions on YouTube under his new name. His breakthrough came unexpectedly when “No He Cambiado” went viral and received positive reviews. The renowned indie record label Rancho Humilde owner Jimmy Humilde saw this crucial time. Humilde signed Junior H to the label after recognizing his talent. After meeting Natanael Cano, Junior H collaborated well. Junior H has eight albums, making him a Mexican music icon.

 Junior h Profile Summary

Full NameAntonio Herrera Pérez
Birth Day07 February
Stage NameJunior H
Date of BirthApril 23, 2000
Birth PlaceGuanajuato, Mexico
Zodiac SignAquarius
Height5 feet 7 Inches
Weight60 kg
EducationCollege Graduate
Net worth$2 million
GenreCorridos tumb ados
Notable Achievements:Latin Grammy Awards

Junior H Early life

In Cerano, Guanajuato, Mexico, Antonio Herrera Pérez was born on April 23, 2001. Despite not having instruments, he and a close friend began songwriting at age 12 in Cerano. His family moved to Utah in 2015 at 15. At 17, he worked as a Wendy’s cook in high school. He learned to play the accordion and guitar using YouTube tutorials around this time.

Pérez’s life changed with one choice. He secretly uploaded songs on YouTube under “Junior H,” unknown to his friends and family. After a month without checking his channel, Pérez was surprised to learn his song “No Eh Cambiado” had over 2 million views and many supportive comments. This unexpected success inspired Pérez to focus on his growing independent musical venture, propelled by fresh determination and an online audience.

 Junior h Career

2019–2020: Music career start

Herrera released his first album, “Mi Vida en un Cigarro,” a nine-track collection, on February 2, 2019. The first single, “No He Cambiado,” was followed by “Mi Vida en un Cigarro” and “El de la Chevy.” That year, Jimmy Humilde noticed Herrera and signed him to Rancho Humilde, his acclaimed record label. Herrera met Mexican singer Natanael Cano, a labelmate, here and collaborated on the hit tune “Disfruto lo Malo” from the record-breaking album “Corridos Tumbados.” In particular, Herrera wrote “Ella,” a soulful piece on the album.

Herrera released his second studio album, “Atrapado en un Sueño,” in 2020, demonstrating his artistic growth. The album featured chart-topping hits like “Atrapado en un Sueño,” “Mente Positiva,” and “Jueves 10,” bringing Herrera widespread recognition and accolades. Herrera’s “Atrapado en un Sueño” reached the top five on the Billboard Top Latin Albums chart, indicating his rise in the industry.

Herrera released two 12-track albums, “Cruisin’ with Junior H” and “Musica <3,” on September 2, 2020, highlighting his prolific work. This audacious move sealed Herrera’s status as a prolific and versatile performer. On December 18, Herrera, Natanael Cano, and Ovi released “Las 3 Torres.” The 16-track album featured guest artists including Snoop Dogg, Ñengo Flow, and Snow Tha Product, demonstrating Herrera’s expanding popularity globally.

2021–2022: Career advancement 

Herrera released “Sad Boyz 4 Life,” a 16-track album on love and grief, on February 12, 2021. Herrera’s timeless appeal and emotional resonance helped the album top Apple Music’s Latin Albums chart within 24 hours of its release. The album’s highlights are “La Bestia,” “160 Gramos,” “I Consume,” and a captivating version of Enanitos Verdes’ smash “Lamento Boliviano.” On February 7, 2022, Herrera revealed the tracklist for his seventh studio album, “Mi Vida en un Cigarro 2,” a reference to his debut album. The album, released on February 11, showed Herrera’s musical progress and maturity.

Herrera teased a genre-defying Latin trap album later in the year. He changed the album’s release date from November 11 to November 23, 2022, naming it “Contingente.” With collaborations with Alemán, Big Soto, Ovi, Paloma Mami, and Snow Tha Product, “Contingente” established Herrera as a boundary-pushing musician willing to experiment with new sounds.

2023–present: $ad Boyz 4 Life II

Herrera and Oscar Maydon released “Fin de Semana” in January 2023, which debuted at number 86 on the Billboard Hot 100. This milestone represented both musicians’ first chart appearance, a major career milestone. The next month, Herrera collaborated with Mexican musician Peso Pluma on “El Azul,” starting a successful partnership. Their collaboration flourished with “El Tsurito,” “Lady Gaga,” “Luna,” and “Bipolar.” “Lady Gaga” became Herrera’s first number-one on Mexico Songs and Hot Latin Songs. In July, Herrera collaborated with Rauw Alejandro on the catchy “Picardía,” from Alejandro’s album “Playa Saturno.” Herrera showed his versatility and ability to blend his approach with other musical genres in this collaboration. On September 14, Herrera released “En Altavoz,” a collaboration with Grupo Frontera, demonstrating his adaptability to diverse musical genres.

Herrera released his eighth studio album, “$ad Boyz 4 Life II,” on October 6, calling it “more of an accident” due to the absence of intended artists. Despite this, the CD showed Herrera’s solo skills and growth. Herrera’s second collaboration with Grupo Marca Registrada, “Mafiosa,” was released on November 3, confirming his status as a sought-after music partner. On November 13, Herrera appeared on El Alfa’s album “El Rey del Dembow,” singing “Aqui Ta Smoke” with Pop Smoke, proving his versatility. These collaborations and albums solidified Herrera’s versatility and effect on the music landscape.


2019Mi Vida en un Cigarro
2020Atrapado en un Sueño
2020Cruisin’ with Junior H
2020Musica <3
2021$ad Boyz 4 Life
2022Mi Vida en un Cigarro 2
2023$ad Boyz 4 Life II


2019No Eh Cambiado
2019Vivo a Mi Manera
2019En Mis Dedos un Gallito
2019El de la H
2020Paso en Culiacán
2021La Bestia
2021Disfruto Lo Malo
2021Empresa Fly Club
2021Naci Para Amarte
202212 Rifles
2022El Hijo Mayor
2022El Plumas (En Vivo)
2022Vamos Para Arriba
2022RIAA: 5× Platinum (Latin)[36]
2022El Rescate
2022RIAA: Gold (Latin)[36]
2022Don’t Stop the Magic
2022Ojos Tumbados
2022El Pana
2022Loco Enamorado
2022RIAA: 2× Platinum (Latin)[36]
2022Intenciones Malas
2022En Paris
2022Fin de Semana
2022El Azul
2022RIAA: 13× Platinum (Latin)[36]
2022Ya Corazón
2022Tronando Ligas
2022El Tsurito
2022Lady Gaga
2023Cuerno Mio
2023El Patrocinador
2023En Altavoz
2023Skin de Bandida
2023Guerreros Aztecas
2023Y Lloro
2023Rompe la Dompe
2024A Tu Manera


Junior H has received nominations and awards at major music industry events. He was nominated for Regional Mexican Artist of the Year at the 2021 Billboard Latin Music Awards for his outstanding work. His “Atrapado En Un Sueño” CD earned him a Regional Mexican CD of the Year nomination. In 2022, Junior H was nominated for Regional Mexican Artist, Solo, and Album of the Year for “Mi Vida En Un Cigarro 2.” He was nominated for Hot Latin Songs Male Artist of the Year and Regional Mexican Solo Artist of the Year at the Billboard Latin Music Awards in 2023. In 2022 and 2023, he was nominated for the Premios Tu Música Urbano for best artist and collaboration on “Los 4 Ases (Corrido Tumbado)” with Ovi, Natanael Cano, and Herencia de Patrones, surpassing Billboard. These awards reflect Junior H’s status as a regional Mexican music hero of talent and influence.

2021Billboard Latin Music Awards
2021Billboard Latin Music Awards
2022Billboard Latin Music Awards
2022Billboard Latin Music Awards
2023Billboard Latin Music Awards
2023Billboard Latin Music Awards
2022Premios Tu Música Urbano
2022Premios Tu Música Urbano
2023Premios Tu Música Urbano

Junior h Personal life

Junior H prefers to keep his romantic life private. He looks to be single and has not publicly shown any signs of being married. He devotes his time and attention to his successful singing career and delighting fans. Junior H has avoided media dating rumors, affairs, scandals, and controversies to separate his personal and professional lives. Despite rumors, he has kept his dating past and romances private.

Junior H’s participation at the Baja Beach Fest on August 21, 2022, with Nicki Nicole and Grupo Marca Registrada piqued fans’ interest, but no romantic relationship has been confirmed. Junior H guards his personal life like his other affairs to keep it apart from his public persona.

Junior H Net Worth 2021

January 2021$11.4K -$16.1K
February 2021$10K -$15.6K
March 2021$12.6K -$18.2K
April 2021$16.7K -$24.9K
May 2021$13.3K -$20.7K
June 2021$15.2K -$33.7K
July 2021$16.2K -$23.7K
August 2021$18.9K -$17K
September 2021$13.8K -$21.2K
October 2021$10.7K -$16.6K
November 2021$10.3K -$17K
December 2021$15.1K -$22.1K

Junior H Net Worth 2022

January 2022$7.6K -$11.9K
February 2022$9.3K -$14.5K
March 2022$13.6K -$19.1K
April 2022$11.1K -$17.4K
May 2022$9.9K -$15.4K
June 2022$15K -$21.8K
July 2022$18.5K -$22.6K
August 2022$13.9K -$21.7K
September 2022$20.1K -$31.4K
October 2022$17.4K -$27.1K
November 2022$22.9K -$33.6K
December 2022$31.7K -$48K

Junior h Net Worth 2023

January 2023$33.5K -$53.3K
February 2023$42.9K -$68K
March 2023$55.1K -$97.1K
April 2023$46.1K -$70.5K
May 2023$47.2K -$74.8K
June 2023$57.8K -$90.4K
July 2023$34.4K -$69.3K
August 2023$68.2K -$104.1K
September 2023$69.5K -$94K
October 2023$72.2K -$109.7K
November 2023$65.6K -$103.5K
December 2023$60.3K -$94.3K

Junior h Net Worth 2024

January 2024$61.6K -$94.7K
February 2024$79.8K -$124.1K


Q: Where is Junior H from?

Junior H, whose real name is Antonio Herrera Pérez, hails from Cerano, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Q: When was Junior H born?

Junior H was born on April 23, 2000, in Cerano, Guanajuato, Mexico.

Q: What is Junior H’s profession?

Junior H is a renowned Mexican singer-songwriter, primarily known for his contributions to the corridos tumbados genre.

Q: What are Junior H’s notable achievements?

Junior H has achieved significant success in his career, including multiple Latin Grammy nominations and various chart-topping albums and singles.

Q: Has Junior H received any awards?

Yes, Junior H has received nominations at prominent award shows like the Billboard Latin Music Awards and Premios Tu Música Urbano, recognizing his impact on the music industry.

Q: What is Junior H’s net worth?

Junior H’s net worth fluctuates over time, with earnings primarily from his music career. According to available data, his net worth has experienced steady growth in recent years.


Junior H, Antonio Herrera Pérez, is a Mexican music legend. From Cerano, Guanajuato’s quiet neighborhoods to the world stage, his story is one of dedication and artistic brilliance. Junior H’s innovative music has captivated listeners worldwide, winning him praise. Junior H keeps his personal life private, letting his music speak for itself. His career, marked by hit albums, chart-topping songs, and award nominations, proves his talent and impact in the music industry. Junior H’s dedication to musical excellence has made him a global icon of Mexican music.

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